CGEIT Testimonials 


What CGEITs Are Saying


I decided to pursue the CGEIT certification for two reasons: To validate my knowledge and expertise in IT governance, and to propel my career in a new and exciting path. I am happy to have accomplished both objectives through the CGEIT certification. Since obtaining the CGEIT designation, I have been engaging with others more confidently as an expert in the field. I am currently in the task team that is developing IT governance implementation guidelines for government departments in South Africa. I am looking forward to greater heights and better opportunities in IT governance, and I know that the CGEIT designation will give me the edge in my future endeavors.

Bafana Nkosi, CGEIT, director of planning and risk management for the Department of Trade and Industry (South Africa)


As an IT governance professional, it's my responsibility to ensure that the organization understands the part that IT plays in the achievement of the organization objectives, and to ensure that the IT strategic plan is aligned with the business plan. As a CGEIT, I believe that opportunities are endless. It's an incredibly valuable certification and well-recognized within my organization. The level of knowledge and experience that the CGEIT demonstrates that I have is well-respected by the organization and particularly by the executive management.

Howard Nicholson, CISA, CGEIT, Business Analyst, Risk and Audit, City of Salisbury (Australia) 


There is a growing demand for the expertise in the area of IT governance. I decided to pursue the CGEIT program because I realized the value of this program, the contents, and the value which I could give my clients because of this certification. My clients now understand that I am a professional that can help them with the IT governance they were looking for.

Anjay Agarwal, CISA, CGEIT, Chairman and Managing Director, AAA Technologies (P) Ltd.


For me, as an IT governance professional, my role is advising clients on how to enhance their IT governance structure to get the best, most efficient effective things out of IT to support business.

As somebody who recently got CGEIT certified, I can really stress the fact that it demonstrates to the clients that you are an individual capable of bringing IT governance into an organization—that you know about the subject matter and that you’re somebody who knows more than certain areas of IT governance—you are able to grasp the complex subject as a whole and therefore enhance the value a business gets out of IT. 

The CGEIT certification supports the increasing demand for IT governance professionals.

Gunther Reimoser, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, Ernst & Young (Austria) 


Becoming CGEIT certified will give you recognition for your work [in the governance of enterprise IT]. More importantly, you become part of an elite group, which has done the best practices in implementation and governance.

Ravi Mankikar, CISA, CGEIT, General Manager, The Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank, Ltd.