CISA Testimonials 


What CISAs Are Saying


The benefit—the main benefit of the CISA certification in my case—has been to be recognized, not only locally in my country, but at an international level, as a professional with knowledge and skills, able to give an opinion and to audit all the areas related to IT.

Ana Virginia Escalante, CISA, CGEIT, Vice President, SIIAS, SA


The value of CISA is its instant recognition that you are a professional IS auditor. There's no need for an auditor or someone who doesn't know you to question your credentials—you have a CISA, so your credentials are understood!

Michael A. Howard, CISA


I decided to pursue the CISA certification because I found that an undergrad degree typically is not enough and the CISA designation allows me to set myself apart from other IT auditors. From what I’ve seen in the workforce, the CISA is the gold standard for IT audit professionals.

John Pouey, CISA, CISM


Having a CISA qualification not only benefits me but also my company. When we go to serve our clients they look at our qualifications. In particular, when we go to work for the government in our home country some of the work requires you have a CISA qualification. 

Having a certification that is globally recognized for our kind of work is important because we do travel extensively around the world. Having a certification for IT assurance that is recognized by all of our multinational clients is quite important.

Once I became certified, I immediately noticed a difference in [the credibility I receive] from the business community— the CISA is proof that I passed a rigorous examination of IT auditing and controls.

Vincent Chan, CISA, CGEIT