CISM Testimonials 


What CISMs Are Saying


The best part of being a CISM is being part of the elite group of professionals with an international certification in information security management. This certification brings forth the best of security management practices that are universally applicable. CISM explains various management challenges during security governance, security strategy and security program management, and this helps in designing better solutions for an organization. CISM is an excellent certification for someone who wants to stand out and further a career in information security management or security consulting.

Sanjiv Agarwala, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CISSP, Director, Oxygen Consulting Services, President, ISACA Pune Chapter


The CISM certification has helped me from the vice president level down to the frontline IT level. The knowledge I have is applicable globally, across multiple countries.

Linda Dawson, CISM, IT Security Manager, 3M Company


Because the world is becoming global in terms how business is conducted, it’s important that companies and individuals understand that what they do has a global impact.  And so, as I look at what I want to do in my career, and as companies look at what they want in their employees, I see that they want people that are able speak globally. The CISM presents that global impact.  So when I travel the world and I meet with Fortune 500 companies that have a global presence, my CISM is credible no matter where I go.

Eric Friebolin, CISM, Senior Risk Management Consultant, Verizon Business


I believe the CISM certification demonstrates the fact that you have to really understand the business.  Some of the areas of CISM are demonstrated knowledge of risk management and program management. Therefore, in order to earn a CISM you actually have to verify that you do understand business requirements as well as IT requirements.

Gary Langham, CISA, CISM, CGEIT


If a person comes to me and asks if she or he should become CISM certified professional, I would answer to him or to her that this would mean a very important step in his or her career.  Having a CISM certification offers credibility, not only for my job, not only for my work— Having a CISM brings credibility to the company who I’m working for. 

Marcello Melro, CISA, CISM, Business Solutions Consultant, Siemens Enterprise Communications