CPE for Mentoring 


Certification Mentoring

Thank you for your interest and willingness to mentor other professionals who may aspire to earn an ISACA certification.

Certification MentoringSince this effort is also a learning experience for you, ISACA’s Credentialing Board approved the recognition of ISACA Credential Mentoring as a qualifying activity for earning continuing professional education (CPE) hours for the ISACA credential(s) you hold!

Mentor 10-hour Annual Limitation Details

These activities include mentoring efforts directly related to coaching, reviewing or assisting with CISA/CISM/CGEIT/CRISC exam preparation or providing career guidance through the credentialing process either at the organizational, chapter or individual level. The mentoring activity must be an activity supporting a specific person in preparation for their ISACA exam or certification career decisions. One CPE hour is earned for each hour of assistance.

Documentation should be in the form of letters or emails to/from the mentored individual or a Verification of Attendance Form (located in the CPE policy) provided by the mentored individual. At a minimum the verification documentation should include the name of the mentor, dates, times, the signature of the person mentored and a brief description of the type of assistance provided by the mentor.


Mentoring Activities

The following will provide you with guidance and ideas on mentoring activities that you can engage in.

Contact IT professionals that you know or work with and encourage them to earn an ISACA certification.

  • Share your experiences in earning your certification, the career path you took and how you got there and what value certification has brought to you personally.
  • Ask them to listen to the “I am a …” videos on the ISACA web site.
  • Invite them to an ISACA chapter meeting, if they are not already a member. This will increase their exposure to others in the profession and provide valuable contacts.
  • Become your organizational mentor for ISACA certifications. Be the go-to-person for more information about the certification. Let your human resource or training department know of your certification and willingness to guide current employees through the process.

After someone you know has decided to pursue a certification:

  • Coach and assist them in their preparation. Help them with their study plans and provide ideas and approaches that you used to prepare for your exam.
  • Encourage them to access the online self-assessment exams and help them to prepare in their areas of weakness. If needed, go back to the assessment and try to answer the questions together.
  • Recommend review courses or study materials for the exam and share what you found most helpful in preparing for the exam.
  • Coordinate peer discussions with others on various topics from the certification “job practice” and/or review materials to ensure comprehension and provide your view on how the topic will be addressed on the exam.

If you don’t know someone who is ready to earn an ISACA certification but would like to help a candidate who has registered for an exam, contact the Certification Coordinator at your local chapter.

  • Ask them to pair you up with an exam candidate in need of your assistance. Perhaps this is someone who is currently enrolled in an exam preparation review course at the chapter.