Call for Speakers: ISACA’s 2018 North America CACS Conference 


30 April-2 May 2018 | Chicago, Illinois, USA
Call for Speakers Deadline: 7 August 2017

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Are you an industry expert, thought-leader or passionate professional willing to share your experiences, insights and knowledge with colleagues and peers? ISACA is now accepting proposals for educational sessions at the globally recognized North America CACS 2018 Conference, which is taking place 30 April - 2 May 2018 at The Hilton Chicago. The majority of attendees are IS professionals with 10+ years of experience in Audit/Assurance, Compliance, Risk, Security and Strategy/Governance roles. This is a great opportunity for you to lead a hot-button session and expand your business network.

ISACA is continually updating and improving our conference experiences, and we are working to make North America CACS 2018 bigger and better than ever. Attendees consistently rank our program content and opportunity to earn CPE credit as the top reasons they come to our conference. We achieve these results by offering the most relevant, engaging and insightful education in the industry and we need YOU to make that happen!

We are expanding our program in 2018 to offer even more options and are looking for the dynamic speakers and important topics that will provide the best possible experience for attendees. This is a great opportunity for you to give back to your profession by sharing your knowledge and insights!


Attendees have made it clear that having session presentations available PRIOR to the event is a significant benefit and helps them get the most out of each session. In addition, session surveys show that speakers who do not make their presentations available prior to the event often receive lower ratings.

To help ensure that our attendees receive this valuable benefit and are most prepared for each session, ISACA asks that each speaker commits to submitting their final presentation to ISACA HQ on or (preferably) before Friday, 9 March 2018. As an added incentive, those who honor this deadline receive one additional complimentary registration for the conference. Once submitted, the ISACA’s Knowledge and Research Team will review the content to confirm that the presentations are being delivered on the most current and sought-after topics and at the appropriate levels. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the content, ISACA reserves the right to require that changes be made.


Attendees today are looking for more out of their conference education experience—more hands-on learning, more interaction with the presenter, and more opportunities to dive deeper into certain topic areas. We strongly encourage you to consider new ways to incorporate these types of interactions while you are developing your session. Be sure to indicate in your submission how you intend to deliver this interactive type of learning environment.

To improve the chance that your session submission is selected, please clearly demonstrate the following criteria:


  • The topic of the session is timely for the industry today.
  • Attendees will able to relate to the content and apply what they have learned in their roles.
  • The topic must be something that will attract attendees.


  • The subject matter is cutting-edge or presents new ideas.
  • The content provides a thought-leadership perspective for the conference attendees.
  • Content is presented in a creative and engaging way.


  • The abstract and title of the session demonstrate the intent in a clear and concise way—feel free to be creative.
  • Learning objectives are well-defined.
  • The learning level of the presentation is clearly defined and supported by the learning objectives.


  • The presenter is knowledgeable and experienced on the topic submitted.
  • The presenter will use different ways to engage the attendees throughout the session.
  • The submission is complete and the presenter is committed to meeting all requirements and expectations.


As an international professional organization with more than 140,000 constituents in more than 180 countries, ISACA is a leading provider of knowledge, certifications, community, advocacy and education on information systems assurance and security, governance of enterprise IT, and IT-related risk and compliance. ISACA education is recognized throughout the industry. Speakers associated with ISACA education events are similarly recognized as industry leaders and subject matter experts.

Speakers who are selected will also receive the following benefits:

  • Complimentary registration* for the conference – a $1,945 value! This includes the opportunity to earn up to 18 CPE hours for conference participation (complimentary registration is given to 1 speaker per session only**)
  • Additional CPE hours for the session they present (CPE hours for speakers are earned at five times the presentation time for the first presentation of the topic or an extensively modified topic)
  • Access to the Speaker Ready Room at The Hilton Chicago from Sunday, 29 April – Tuesday, 1 May
  • Invitation to the VIP Reception on Sunday, 29 April
  • One complimentary pass to the Social Event on Tuesday, 1 May

*Complimentary registration is not transferable or able to be used as a credit. Registration for the pre- and post-workshops are not included with complimentary conference registration.

**Each speaker who submits his or her final presentation to ISACA HQ on or before the deadline of Friday, 8 March 2018, will be granted one additional complimentary registration for the conference for the person of their choosing in addition to the complimentary registration for themselves.

Any speaker who receives an average score of 4.5 or higher on the session surveys will also receive special formal recognition from ISACA HQ and will be named on the NA CACS web page at the conclusion of the conference. This score will be calculated from the average score of the questions on the mobile app session survey that are specifically related to the speaker and the presentation. At least 20 attendees must respond to the session’s survey in order to qualify. Further, the top 5 rated speakers of the conference may be invited back to present again at North America CACS 2019.


For attendees to have the most beneficial conference experience, it is critical that presentations are delivered at the learning level at which they were described. Please pay special attention to ISACA’s Learning Level Definitions and commit to designing your presentation to fit the description.

Most of North America CACS attendees are IS/IT professionals with 10+ years of experience, so the majority of the submissions that will be accepted will be either Advanced Technical or Advanced Managerial. We strongly encourage you to submit a presentation that provides this level of content.

New this year, we will be offering “Master’s Series” Sessions, which will be offered for an extended length of time to allow the presenter to go deeper with the given topic and offer more time for discussion. These sessions are for the more advanced attendees and will be at least two hours long. If you have a topic idea that fits well in this category, we welcome your submission!


The North America CACS Conference is the premier conference for Audit/Assurance, COBIT, Compliance, Risk, Security, and Strategy/Governance professionals. The list below is neither complete nor restrictive, but rather is intended to stimulate ideas and describe timely topics that might be addressed in session proposals.

IS Audit & Assurance

  • Software Assurance: Threats, Vulnerabilities and Controls
  • Auditing Social Media Policies
  • The ERM and Audit Partnership
  • Implementing Effective Controls for BYOD
  • Understanding and Using SOC Reports
  • The Benefits of Continuous Monitoring
  • Effective Audit Sampling Procedures
  • A Holistic Approach to IT Auditing
  • Auditing in the Cloud
  • SAP Implementation Assurance
  • Shadow IT: Risk & Audit Consideration

Security/Cyber Security

  • Effective Defense Strategies for Cyber Security Threats
  • Implement and Sustain Security Awareness Programs
  • Third Party Compliance With Data Security and Privacy Policies
  • Incident Response Plans in Action: Case Study
  • Importance of a Cohesive Information Security Program
  • The Evolving Threat Landscape
  • Emerging Technology and Security Trends
  • Cyber Security and SAP
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Auditing Against the NIST Cyber Security Framework
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Ransomware

Integrated Risk Management

  • Managing Social Media Risks
  • Understanding and Managing the Risk Associated with Emerging Technologies
  • Embedding an IT Risk Management Culture within the Organization
  • Turning Risk into Results - Managing Risks for Better Performance
  • Enterprise Risk Management for Cloud Computing
  • Risk Assessments of Outsourced Service Providers
  • Network Security Risks and Controls Framework
  • The 21st Century COSO Framework
  • Auditing IT Governance - A Practical Guide
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Framework - A Comprehensive Approach to Compliance

Big Data, Data Analytics & Visualization

  • Effective Data Destruction Practices
  • Modern Data Analytics
  • Big Data: Audit and Governance
  • Embedding Data Analytics in Fraud Auditing
  • Data Classification and Privacy Compliance
  • Enabling IT Audit with Big Data & Analytics
  • Managing and Classifying Big Data
  • Big Data: Risks and Rewards
  • Make your DLP Program Work
  • A Risk Based Approach to Data Governance


  • Using COBIT To Support Strategic Planning
  • How COBIT and Enterprise Architecture Relate and Support Each Other
  • Practical Applications of COBIT
  • Case Studies Implementing COBIT
  • COBIT Process Capability Assessment – Self-assessment and/or formal options
  • How COBIT Helps With Developing Annual IT Audit Plans
  • How COBIT Supports the Needs of Security Experts
  • COBIT Integration With Other Standards and Frameworks
  • Influencing Boards and Executive Management to Adopt COBIT

Career & Communications Management

  • Project Management for IS Auditors
  • People-centric Skills
  • Attributes of a Highly Effective IS Auditor
  • Understanding the Listening Styles of Others
  • Translating “Geek Speak” to “Business Speak”
  • Manage Your Career Luck
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for IS Auditors
  • Building Security Leaders
  • It All Starts with You: “Personal Skills”
  • Effective Communication and Change Management Skills for IS Auditors

Industry Focus

  • Auditing the Clinical Environment
  • Cybersecurity: Threats to Banks
  • Cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems
  • FISMA Auditing
  • Preparing for HIPPA Audits

Connecting Women Leaders in Technology Program (Wednesday Afternoon)

  • Leadership skills: Most sought after skills women need to succeed and how to build them
  • Communicating with confidence and credibility
  • Defining your personal brand
  • Transitioning from a worker to a leader
  • What’s your personal leadership journey?
  • Think like a leader

New Ideas
Do you have a topic that is not mentioned above that you think should be offered at this conference? We want to know!  Submit your idea under the “New Ideas” category and tell us why you think it should be included.

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Please review the Speaker FAQs for potential presenters for ISACA Conferences.  You can also contact ISACA’s Training & Education Department at any time at +1.847.660.5670, or simply click here to submit a question.

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