ISACA is dedicated to offering the most dynamic and inclusive conferences to keep you abreast of the latest advances in the IT profession.

2017 Conferences

North America CACS

1-3 May 2017
Las Vegas, NV, USA

North America CACS attracts the best and brightest with its content-rich and thought-provoking sessions that delve into some of the biggest challenges facing IT audit and security professionals.



29-31 May 2017
Munich, Germany

ISACA’s CACS conferences offer audit, risk and security professionals the opportunity to build a custom schedule across a spectrum of topics.

CSX 2017 Cairo

25 July 2017
Cairo, Egypt

This 1-day CSX Conference is an immersive experience designed to support local and regional security practitioners, managers and security teams in identifying, analyzing and planning better for security breaches and cyber attacks.


2017 GRC

August 16-18, 2017
Grapevine, TX, USA

Join us at the event that brings the best and brightest to embrace challenges, forge solutions and design the future of global Governance, Risk and Control.

Africa CACS

11-12 September 2017
Accra, Ghana

ISACA’s Africa CACS is where you can uncover emerging issues, gain powerful new tools and enjoy networking opportunities that can help you stay ahead in the evolving world of information systems audit, assurance, security, cyber security and control.


Oceania CACS

11-12 September 2017
Canberra, Australia

While a technology conference, Oceania CACS traditionally has a business focus, addressing the risk to the business and the solutions that can be adopted within organizations facing the accelerating impact of technology driven change.

Latin America CACS

27-28 septiembre 2017
San José, Costa Rica

Latin America CACS is the hot-topic event for IT audit/assurance, security and control professionals in the region. Learn to solve your IT audit and security challenges by learning from the best in the industry.


CSX 2017 North America

2-4 October 2017
Washington, DC, USA

Join us for high-impact sessions uniquely built around numerous cyber tracks. CSX sessions provide unique opportunities to learn from top experts in the field.

CSX 2017 Europe

30 October-1 November 2017
London, England

Cyber threats affect every enterprise in every industry. Stay ahead of the most critical issues, expand your global network, and find effective solutions at the acclaimed CSX 2017 Europe Conference, where the brightest minds in technology and cyber gather to share real-world expertise.


Asia Pacific CACS

29-30 November 2017
Dubai, U.A.E.

Asia Pacific's premier conference for IT Audit, Information Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance professionals.