ISACA Annual General Meeting 


The Langham Hotel
Chicago, IL USA
9 June 2018

Location:  The Langham Hotel, Cambridge 2 & 3 (3rd floor), 330 N. Wabash Avenue, Chicago IL 60611, +1.312.923.9988
Time:  8-9AM CDT

Register:  Please forward your name and member number to: to notify ISACA of your plans to attend to ensure adequate seating is provided in the meeting space.

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AM1 Call to Order, Introduction, Opening Remarks Theresa Grafenstine
AM2 Motion to Ratify 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes Theresa Grafenstine
AM3 Motion to Ratify the Re-appointment FY2018 Auditors Theresa Grafenstine
AM4 2017 Highlights--Annual Report Matt Loeb
AM5 2017-18 Treasurer’s Report
Motion to Ratify Treasurer’s Report
Robb Micek
Theresa Grafenstine
AM6 Nominating Committee Report         Greg Grocholski
AM7 Installation of 2018-19 ISACA Board Chair   Greg Grocholski
Rob Clyde
AM8 Installation of 2018-19 ISACA Directors Greg Grocholski
ISACA Board of Directors
AM9 Remarks of 2018-19 Board Chair Rob Clyde
AM10 Other Business Rob Clyde
AM11 Adjournment Rob Clyde