ISACA 50th Anniversary Sponsorship Opportunities 


From the dawn of electronic data processing to today’s technology-infused homes and workplaces, ISACA has been essential to the growth, advancement and impact of business technology in our organizations and in our lives today. As a professional association, ISACA supports, trains, certifies and continually improves the people who make technology their profession—the senior leaders, individuals and teams who enable the technology that fuels our organizations—in every industry and in every corner of the globe. Through its guidance and resources in IT audit, assurance, risk, governance and cybersecurity, ISACA helps enterprises fuel technology innovations and drives the confidence and capabilities of its global network of professionals to deliver on technology’s potential.

What was founded in 1969 as the Electronic Data Processing Auditors Association and today is known worldwide as ISACA, will mark its 50th anniversary in 2019. Achieving such a milestone is not just about looking back, as important as that is; ISACA is already and will continue to look forward, with a robust, comprehensive, year-long mulitifaceted platform and programs.

ISACA is offering a host of options and anniversary opportunities to sponsors and partners of its past, and importantly to partners who want to propel ISACA, its members and its impact into the future.

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