Webinar: Disrupting the Credential-Based Attack (yes, there is more to it than phishing) 


Tuesday, 21 March 2017
12PM (EST)/ 11AM (CST) / 9AM (PST) / 17:00(UTC)
60 minutes

Credential based attacks are effective, easy and cheap, which makes for a dangerous combination. The theft of passwords via phishing or other methods is particularly attractive in targeted attacks because it provides the path for the attacker looking for access to specific organizations or data. It is lucrative because with stolen credentials, attackers can easily breach the perimeter and conduct lateral movement from within.

In this session we will:

  • Present new threat research from Unit 42 on credential-based attacks and phishing.
  • Identify trends and techniques in methods used for credential theft and abuse
  • Present the unique attack lifecycle used in credential-based attacks
  • Evaluate best practices in light of the modern risk profile
  • Demonstrate techniques to stop credential leakage
  • Demonstrate deploying multi-factor authentication at the network layer

Jen Miller-Osborn,CMMI Practice Leader,Threat Intelligence Analyst
Palo Alto Networks

For almost 15 years, Jen has worked in cyber threat intelligence and served as a Subject Matter Expert to multiple US federal agencies. She has influenced national cyber security policies and regularly briefs at all levels of government. Her focus is detecting, identifying, and differentiating between cyber-espionage and cyber-crime actors and groups.

A veteran of the US Air Force, she is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Jen has several degrees and technical certifications, including a Master of Science degree in information technology from the University of Maryland.

Martin Walter,Product Manager,Palo Alto Networks

Martin has been active in the cyber security industry for more than 20 years, and held various positions in the Systems Engineering organization with worldwide responsibilities as well as Product Management. On a day to day base Martin is combining his extensive knowledge on advanced attack techniques and attackers to combat, educate and prevent phishing and credential based attacks from been successful.

At Palo Alto Networks, he is leading product innovations across different technologies focusing on Content-ID. Martin joined Palo Alto Networks from PGP Corporation, where he was responsible for a variety of different products, including PGP Universal Server and PGP Key Management Server.