Archived Webinar: GDPR - What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You 


Tuesday, 27 February 2018
12 pm (EST) / 11 am (CST) / 9 am (PST) / 17:00 (UTC)
60 minutes
1 CPE (Members only)


GDPR introduces complex regulatory requirements that can paralyze an unprepared company. If you wait to see what happens on GDPR Go-live, you may be increasing your regulatory risk and will be playing catch-up with competitors who seize privacy protection as a competitive advantage. The strategic opportunity is assessing the principles of GDPR to manage risks by implementing meaningful changes in how your business incorporates privacy protection into operations.

This webinar identifies an approach to GDPR challenges:

  1. Understand key risks
  2. How to implement GDPR business processes within your existing operations
  3. What you need to know to avoid fines

Veronika TonryVeronika Tonry
Privacy Know How, LLC.

Veronika is an accomplished and certified Privacy and Information Technology professional with 20+ years of experience. Veronika’s deep and extensive knowledge and skills were sharpened as she led the global data privacy program for one of the world’s largest oil & gas companies, as well as a Fortune 100 global high-tech company.

Veronika provides strategic privacy advice to international clients around data protection and privacy program strategy, policies, and tools to ensure compliance with US, EU and Asia privacy regulations. Her skill set focuses on risk analysis, strategic solutions, implementation and training.