On-Site Training FAQs 


ISACA's On-Site Training can bring a variety of courses designed for IT audit, assurance, risk, security and governance professionals to your workplace or any other location that is convenient or cost-effective to your enterprise. Our dedicated On-Site Training team will work with you to pinpoint the training you need to create a targeted, tailored solution that meets your budget, schedule, and training goals.

What is On-Site training?
On-Site Training is a flexible and cost effective solution that allows you to train the maximum number of employees at a minimal expense to your organization. On-Site Training is ideal if you have a group of people, would like to customize the content, or need a consistent message across a global team.

What courses are available through ISACA?
ISACA provides “off the shelf” or customized training in COBIT, IT Risk, Security, Governance, Audit and Assurance. In addition, we offer exam preparation for our certifications. The following is a list of our more popular courses:

COBIT CRISC Exam Review Course
Fundamental of IT Audit and Assurance (FITAA)   CISM Exam Review Course
IT Audit and Assurance Practices (ITAAP)   CISA Exam Review Course
Information Security Management  CGEIT Exam Review Course
IT Risk Management Governance of Enterprise IT


Who are ISACA’s trainers?
Our trainers are dedicated professionals who hold multiple industry certifications. Currently practicing in their related fields, they bring their unique, real world experiences to the course they facilitate. Each trainer delivers proven strategies, techniques and best practices to the classroom. These skilled facilitators are ISACA members who have contributed regularly to ISACA research and the IT profession.

As a participant, what are the benefits of attending On-Site Training?

  • Enables you and your colleagues to have the same unified learning experience
  • Provides convenience and flexibility in scheduling
  • Ability to learn with real-world examples delivered by highly skilled facilitators

As an organization, what are the benefits of On-Site Training?

  • Consistent messaging for your team or organization
  • Flexible scheduling allows you to pick the date, time and location that’s most convenient
  • Ability to customize the course content to specifically align with your business objectives

What is the lead-time needed to set up an On-Site Training course?
Typically 4-6 weeks, however, our On-Site Training team would work with you to try and accommodate any special needs you have.

How do I select the right courses and/or topics for my group?
You will work directly with a dedicated On-Site Training representative to select the right courses and topics to align with your specific business needs. In addition, the On-Site Training team will facilitate program development, work with your trainer and curriculum development team to make sure the training is on-target and focused on your goals.

Can the training be customized to our organization?
Yes, the topics may be customized to focus on your specific business initiatives strategies.

What is the process to develop an On-Site Training program?
It starts with an initial discussion with you to understand and define your training needs, objectives and timeline. From there, our development staff, curriculum department and your selected trainer work hand-in-hand to develop your On-Site Training program, with continuous feedback and input from you and/or other organizational stakeholders. At the same time a project timeline is established to ensure on-time delivery of your training.

What other details need to be taken care of?
Your dedicated On-Site Training representative will coordinate curriculum development and materials, handle your trainer’s travel arrangements and confirm all training logistics to ensure a seamless, successful On-Site Training event.

How do I get started?
For more information about the ISACA On-Site Training program, email onsitetraining@isaca.org and one of our dedicated On-Site Taining team members will contact you to begin.