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Volume 5, 2017

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The AREM Window

The AREM Window
27 September 2017
Jeimy J. Cano, Ph.D., CFC, CFE, CMAS

Businesses seeking to establish themselves in privileged positions in a digitally modified society must anticipate the competition and explore new opportunities in unstable environments. In this state, companies are aware that they are exposed to known and unknown risk and to issues that must be resolved in real time, and they must overcome their fears and knowledge limitations to drive the changes required in this context.

Considering this requirement, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the structural uncertainty of the environment. This will help to establish concrete alternatives to prevent key risk from materializing. Read More >>

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Information Security in the Multi-Modal Era

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Sudhakar SathiyamurthyThe Darkest Moments of a Cybereclipse Are Best Examined Through a Quantitative Lens
16 October 2017
Sudhakar Sathiyamurthy, CISA, CRISC, CGEIT, CIPP, ITIL (Expert)

Having experienced the excitement of a total solar eclipse, I now have an improved awareness of picking the right lens to make the experience worthwhile. Eclipses in the cyber landscape (cyberrisk and cyberevents) are analogous to solar eclipses—picking the right lenses to view a solar eclipse is similar to examining cyberrisk through a quantitative risk-based approach.

Today, decision makers rarely choose a course of action without clear insights into the values at risk—when it comes to a cyberrisk response, understanding the risk exposures in quantitative terms is mostly sought after. Read More >>

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