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Volume 2, 2018

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Complying With GDPR: An Agile Case Study Complying With GDPR: An Agile Case Study
25 April 2018
Mina Miri, Farbod H. Foomany, Ph.D., CISSP and Nathanael Mohammed

Designed to give European Union residents better privacy rights, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018. It will replace the Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC). GDPR consists of 99 articles that outline regulations and 173 recitals that provide conceptual and legal context for the articles. Applying to all organizations that offer goods or services within the European Union or monitor EU residents’ personal data, it will be enforced even if the personal data processing occurs outside of Europe. Therefore, any organization handling an EU citizen’s personal information must comply with GDPR. Uncompliant organizations can be subject to fines of up to EU €20 million, or 4 percent of their annual turnover—whichever is greater. Read More >>

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Security of Currencies
23 April 2018
Vijayavanitha Sankarapandian, CISA, CIA

Recently, the world has seen more leaders win elections based on promises to fight against  corruption in their countries . This shows how eager people are to weed out corruption, terror funding, illegal transactions and to bring transparency to every sphere of human life. People want reform and, if given an opportunity by the government to participate in the process of governance of currencies, both the people and the government will benefit.

The 3 main components in the implementation of the e-governance of currencies are encrypted Quick Response (QR) code printing on currencies, endpoint devices handling currencies and the backend system of the central bank. Read More >>

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