ISACA Journal: Advertising Rates

Journal Four-Color Rates (in US dollars)

Four-Color Rates


Rates provided above are for four-color process. Those wishing to purchase a B&W ad are welcome to do so, with a deduction of $1,600 from the four-color price listed for full page ads or a deduction of $925 for fractional page ads.

Inserts and Bellybands: Please call for more information.

Note: The second color is the result of a four-color process color matching. PMS colors need to be converted to CMYK for inclusion. All color ads must be accompanied by a color matchprint (color art and chromalin). If no matchprint is provided, a minimum US $100 charge will be imposed by the Journal publishers to make the print.

Revision/Typesetting: ISACA Journal reserves the right to charge up to US $115 for formatting and revision costs to existing ads.

Special Positions: A contract of six issues is required to reserve a special position. Special positions available:

Inside Front Cover Sold
Inside Back Cover $4,800
Fractional Back Cover $5,775
Opposite Specific Editorial Column (columns include IS Security Matters
and HelpSource Q&A
add 25% to page rate
Page One (opposite inside front cover) add 25% to page rate
Page Opposite Table of Contents add 25% to page rate
Page Opposite Bookstore (Four-color charges are included) add 25% to page rate
Note: All print advertisers are automatically included in the digital edition as a value-add.
Upgrades are available as noted here.


Digital Publication Upgrade Rates 

Item 1x 3x 6x Specs
Leaderboard–Static (exclusive on every page)  $3,750  $3,000  $2,850  728x90
Blow-in ad page–static*  $2,500  $2,300  $1,850  400x154
Blow-in cover–static  $3,250  $2,925  $2,600  400x154
Button (right side of navigation bar)–static  $1,000  $800  $600  175x28

Multimedia Ads

$350 upcharge will apply to any multimedia file for insertion into the digital edition. Any other customization will incur charges to be determined at time of request.

Accepted media files include: .mpeg, .wmv, .swf*, .mov, .flv, .rm, .vob, .avi

*Though we accept them, we discourage sending .swf files, as player controls cannot be added and it will go into the digital edition as is.

Contract Copy and Regulations

  1. Rates are based on the number of insertions within a 12-month period, dating from the first insertion.
  2. Cancellation of space reservations will result in a rate adjustment based on past and subsequent insertions to reflect actual space used at the earned frequency or volume rate. Advertisers will be rebated or credited if they use sufficient additional space within a 12-month period from the date of the first insertion in order to earn a lower rate than the rate at which they are billed. If an advertiser does not pay for an insertion per the contractual agreement, the publisher reserves the right to hold the advertiser and/or agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to the publisher. Furthermore, if an advertiser becomes delinquent, the publisher reserves the right to cancel the contract and open the space contracted by the advertiser up for sale to another party.
  3. Rates are in US dollars and are subject to change. Normally, at least three months’ notice will be given prior to any rate changes and contracts may be cancelled at the time the change in rate becomes effective without incurring a short-rate adjustment, providing the contract rate has been earned up to the date of publication.
  4. Each page or fractional page counts as one insertion. A spread is considered to be two insertions.
  5. A 15% discount is available to qualified ad agencies.
  6. All advertisements are subject to approval of Journal publisher.

Send Advertising Agreements:

Attn: ISACA Advertising Representative
Phone: +1.847.660.5717