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A Systematic Approach to Manage Crises

| Published: 10/8/2012 8:22 AM | Permalink | Email this Post | Comments (0)
Haris HamidovicHaris Hamidovic, CIA, ISMS IA, ITIL, IT Project+
PAS 200:2011 defines a crisis as an “inherently abnormal, unstable and complex situation that represents a threat to the strategic objectives, reputation or existence of an organization.” Today, too few organizations take into account crisis management. The capability to manage crises should not be seen as something that can simply be developed only when it is needed the most. Development of crisis management capability requires a systematic approach. Good practices in crisis preparedness are something that each organization needs to develop within its unique context. Guidelines, such as PAS 200:2011, can provide a framework through which an organization can do so.
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An Introduction to Crisis Management,” ISACA Journal, volume 5, 2012.


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