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The Growing Awareness of Computer Ethics

| Published: 4/3/2014 9:19 AM | Category: Audit-Assurance | Permalink | Email this Post | Comments (0)
Wanbil W. LeeWanbil W. Lee, DBA
Computer ethics are gradually becoming a more commonly discussed subject. The international think tank e-Center, which specializes in e-commerce and Internet law, has expressed interest in computer ethics. This interest is rather amazing (to me), and more amazing is a seminar jointly organized by the e-Center and the law faculty of the University of Vienna to take place in June in Vienna, Austria. The Hong Kong Law Society has also expressed interest in computer ethics and has an ethics-related continuing professional development course for practicing lawyers. There is still another ethics-related seminar organized by electronic engineers and control, automation, and instrumentation engineers of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. These kinds of events are an encouraging sign that computer ethics has gone out of the box and is beginning to attract the attention of professionals from various disciplines.

I view computer ethics as having a dual mission; it is both an area of research and a field of practice. Computer ethics also has a dual function; it is an additional type of risk and a risk countermeasure. The field of practice portion of computer ethics ought to be considered an additional branch of applied computing, akin to green computing, cloud computing or mobile computing. The duality of computer ethics, along with flawed training and education in this area, led me to advocate for a new view of computer ethics.

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