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Skills You Will Not Find on a Resume

Kevin Alvero, CFE, Randy Pierson, CISA, and Wade Cassels, CISA, CIA, CFE, CRMA
| Published: 6/25/2018 3:08 PM | Category: Audit-Assurance | Permalink | Email this Post | Comments (1)

In our recent Journal article about merging internal audit departments, we discussed a practical approach to taking a skills inventory and then using that skills inventory as one of the primary inputs in making staffing decisions following a merger or acquisition.

In taking a skills inventory, however, it is important for audit management to not overlook critical skills that do not often show up on an auditor’s resume. Many of these can be just as important to the overall success of the department as subject matter expertise and technical skills.

The audit manager should understand which people on his or her team fill these vital, often unofficial roles. For example, who is comfortable talking with external stakeholders? Who can deliver bad news? Who is good at writing and editing and making reports look good? Who loves teaching and coaching? Who has a knack for networking and connecting people? Who champions team building, employee morale and recognition?

For most of us, the idea that personality, communication and compatibility (i.e., teamwork) play as important a role in team success as skill and expertise is old knowledge. But what is less clear is how many audit managers have gone through the process of defining what their critical “soft” roles are clearly enough to be able to ensure those roles remain filled.

What would you add to this list? What are those unofficial/undefined roles that are critical to the success of your organization?

Read Kevin Alvero, Randy Pierson and Wade Cassels’ recent Journal article:
Merging Internal Audit Departments,” ISACA Journal, volume 3, 2018.


Re: Skills You Will Not Find on a Resume

This article is great, it is an eye-opener.
REUBEN355 at 6/28/2018 7:24 AM