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Volume 1, 2020

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Healthy Network Testing to Identify APTs
8 January 2020
Timothy Neuman, CISA, CIA

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) were utilized to breach financial information, costing millions of US dollars during the recent Facebook, Capital One, Google Plus and Uber breaches. APTs are so named because of their ability to hide in the backups and system memories and, therefore, survive the typical policies and procedures used to discover and destroy viruses, phishing attempts and other invasive malware. However, the analytical skills developed by internal auditors and the expert knowledge of network administrators can be combined to test for APTs effectively.

APTs are cybersecurity threats designed to hide inside, but not disrupt, the host network and relay information back to their creators. Unlike phishing, APTs are highly sophisticated and subtle, capable of acquiring not only discrete data, but also penetrating proprietary and copyrighted software; the successful creation of APTs requires extensive knowledge of cybersecurity protocols, procedures and routines. Read More >>

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Using AI as a Defensive Tool
13 January 2020

In a previous Journal article, I wrote about artificial intelligence (AI) and talked about the massive amount of digital data that are being accumulated, how new digitally oriented technology is affecting us, the sources of online data (e.g., personal, private), how data are used and how a career in AI can be useful to those interested in developing the skills to use AI. Read More >>

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