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Volume 1, 2019

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Cybersecurity and Fintech at a Crossroads

Cybersecurity and Fintech at a Crossroads
13 February 2019
Vimal Mani, CISA, CISM, Six Sigma Black Belt

Financial technology (fintech) is a prominent topic for the banking and financial services industry worldwide. Although its disruptive and innovative technologies provide banking services to populations who never before had access and easier investment and loan processing for others, enterprises implementing fintech need to address the new risk factors that are associated with this solution.

What Is Fintech?
Fintech refers to disruptive technologies that enable the development of innovative financial systems and the delivery of financial services in a more efficient manner to add greater value to customers. Economic globalization developments have resulted in increasing needs for financial services that are diverse and complex. Read More >>

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Getting Your GDPR Compliance Program Into Gear With Proper Record Keeping
18 February 2019
Corlane Barclay, Ph.D., PMP

Compliance procedures are notoriously demanding, and European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance programs are no different. My recent Journal article underlined some of the challenges that may be experienced by organizations as they try to meet GDPR requirements and introduced a series of steps that organizations can take to help them in their GDPR compliance journey.

Arguably, one of the integral first steps is developing and maintaining a record of processing activities undertaken by the organization. Read More >>

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