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Volume 1, 2018

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Toward Encrypted and Private Databases

Toward Encrypted and Private Databases
17 January 2018
Josh Joy

The number of data breaches annually totals thousands in the United States alone. More importantly, the total number of records exposed has reached the billions. The average cost of a data breach to a single enterprise is now averaging US $3.6 million per incident.

While the frequency of incidents has been on the rise, the impact to people is, unfortunately, increasing in severity. The most recent incident was the Equifax breach, in which 143 million Americans’ Social Security numbers, background information, birth dates, and even driver’s license numbers and credit card numbers were accessed. While debates ensue regarding the use of Social Security numbers as identification, the issue that can be immediately addressed today is the protection of databases by encrypting data. Read More >>

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William Emmanuel YuEvolving Appreciation for Data Privacy
16 January 2018
William Emmanuel Yu, Ph.D., CRISC, CISM, CISSP, CSSLP

My work as a systems integrator has allowed me to meet a large number of customers in various industries. It has given me the privilege of seeing various aspects of their businesses. At the very least, I get to meet interesting people. It has also allowed me to meet different organizations at different levels of information technology adoption maturity from the advanced conglomerates, to the MS Office-wielding “mom and pop” store, to the “talk and text” only phone-holding Sari Sari store owners. Generally, discussions involving technology are very different from one type of organization to another.

On 27 March 2016, the Philippine nation was made aware of the largest published data breach in its history, dubbed COMELEAK. The leak involved 340 gigabytes of data covering 55 million voters. Read More >>

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