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Volume 4, 2018

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Technology Innovation Dynamics: Innovation Governance

Technology Innovation Dynamics: Innovation Governance
18 July 2018
Robert E. Davis, DBA, CISA, CICA

Complex adaptive system (CAS) cognations typically reflect bounded individual agents interacting and adapting to each other and the associated environment. These evolutionary patterns for industries imply that there exists a supportable requirement to monitor how competitors are attempting to evolve and that evolution necessitates planning—considering both the industry and stakeholder actions. However, reactive development needs to occur in response to the evolutionary efforts of nonindustry business agents as well.

As a metaphorical actor in society, technology can reflect dynamic system behavior. CAS theory application allows employee analysis of technology innovation as a living organism, creating chaotic dynamics in system behaviors. Read More >>

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Skills You Will Not Find on a Resume
25 June 2018
Kevin Alvero, CFE, Randy Pierson, CISA, and Wade Cassels, CISA, CIA, CFE, CRMA

In our recent Journal article about merging internal audit departments, we discussed a practical approaching to taking a skills inventory and then using that skills inventory as one of the primary inputs in making staffing decisions following a merger or acquisition.

In taking a skills inventory, however, it is important for audit management to not overlook critical skills that do not often show up on an auditor’s resume. Many of these can be just as important to the overall success of the department as subject matter expertise and technical skills. Read More >>

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