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Volume 2, 2017

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Audit Transparency in Action
22 March 2017

Professional trainers have many opportunities to speak to companies and organizations about leading practices in the internal/IT audit industries. Trainers have the luxury of opining on internal matters while remaining outsiders, which enables them to stay removed from intercompany politics and corporate culture. Many trainers believe, within any environment, certain foundational aspects of internal/IT audit are necessary for success. One of these key pillars is the general concept of audit transparency. The general perception is that, whenever possible (and it should be possible in all audits except for fraud investigations), internal/IT audit should pride itself on 100 percent transparency. This is foreign to many auditors and is not ingrained in the thought process of departments. Read More >>

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The Automation Conundrum

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The Value of Risk Comparison
27 March 2017
Mukul Pareek, CISA, ACA, ACMA, PRM

When I used to run vulnerability management for a previous employer, my colleagues and internal clients would stop me in the corridors and ask, “Hey Mukul, how vulnerable are we today?” Of course, this question was largely unanswerable or, at best, deserving of a rhetorical answer. Yet not wanting to appear clueless about my area of responsibility, over time I found myself responding as to whether we were better or worse off than the last week or the last month. This response would normally satisfy most, but a few curious folks would ask how I knew that. I did not know how I knew, but doing the job day in and day out gave me a gut feeling...or so I thought. Read More >>

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