ISACA Journal
Volume 3, 2,018 


Letter From the Editor: From Print to Digital—The Journal Transformation 

Jen Hajigeorgiou, Editor 

As technology continues to transform the way people consume information, the work of ISACA’s professional community becomes more important—and challenging. The ISACA Journal has a proud tradition of serving our community for more than 40 years, evolving to meet the needs and interests of practitioners amid the ever-changing technology landscape.

The Journal remains committed to connecting you and the entire ISACA professional community with valuable content and delivering it in the format that readers most desire in the digital era. In recognition of how more and more professionals consume information today, we are refocusing the way we deliver the ISACA Journal with added emphasis on our digital presence, allowing this valuable knowledge resource to better serve our professional community and help us move more quickly toward the goal of realizing the positive potential of technology.

Effective with volume 4, 2018, of the ISACA Journal (July/August edition), you will receive ISACA Journal content exclusively in a digital format unless you choose to opt in to receive the print edition. If you wish to continue receiving the print edition, you must opt in by 26 June 2018 to ensure uninterrupted delivery. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Log into and navigate to myISACA>MyProfile
  • Click on Account-Address-Demographic Info tab
  • Click the Edit button at the bottom of the page
  • Toward the top of the page, select the My Demographic and Other Information tab
  • Scroll down to ISACA Journal Delivery Options—Print and/or Digital and check the box to opt in
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page

By accessing the Journal online, you and other members of ISACA’s professional community can explore the Journal alongside ISACA’s broad range of online knowledge resources. You can build on your understanding through ISACA white papers, audit and assurance programs, blog content and more, and gain further insights from our network of affiliates, which includes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Information Systems Research and Wapack Labs.

No matter how or where you consume Journal content, we are committed to providing the knowledge resources you need to navigate digital disruption and gain actionable industry insights. Thank you for reading and enjoy the latest edition of the Journal!


Jen Hajigeorgiou


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