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The ISACA Journal’s Digital Transformation

Jen Hajigeorgiou, Director, Content Management and Development, ISACA
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Jen HajigeorgiouThe ISACA Journal has been at the heart of ISACA’s knowledge community for more than 40 years, a tradition we are proud to carry forward into the future.

The ISACA Journal has remained a valued asset to ISACA’s professional community because it has continually evolved to meet the needs and interests of practitioners amid the ever-changing technology landscape. This year, for example, the Journal has highlighted key industry topics such as the future of data protection, innovation governance and smart transformation, with more timely content in the pipeline for the coming months. As much as we focus on the type of content that will be most relevant to Journal readers, we are equally mindful of the way in which the Journal audience is consuming content in the digital era.

In recognition of how more and more professionals prefer to read publications—the Journal included—we are refocusing the way we deliver the Journal with added emphasis on our digital presence, allowing this valuable knowledge resource to better serve our professional community and help us move more quickly toward the goal of realizing the positive potential of technology.

Effective with volume 4, 2018, of the ISACA Journal (July/August edition), you will receive Journal content exclusively in a digital format unless you choose to opt in to receive the print edition. If you wish to continue receiving the print edition, you must opt in by 26 June 2018 to ensure uninterrupted delivery. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Log into and navigate to myISACA>MyProfile
  • Click on Account-Address-Demographic Info tab
  • Click the Edit button at the bottom of the page
  • Toward the top of the page, select the My Demographic and Other Information tab
  • Scroll down to ISACA Journal Delivery Options—Print and/or Digital and check the box to opt in
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page

Accessing the Journal online allows members of ISACA’s professional community to explore the Journal alongside ISACA’s extensive collection of online content, including white papers, audit and assurance programs, blog posts, podcasts, and insights from our network of affiliates, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Information Systems Research and Wapack Labs. As technology transforms the way people consume information, we will continue to identify opportunities that will enhance the robust digital experience for the Journal audience and make the Journal an even more esteemed resource for ISACA’s professional community.

This is an exciting time as ISACA approaches its 50th anniversary celebration in 2019. As we look toward the organization’s future, whether accessing content digitally, in print, or whatever comes next, members of ISACA’s professional community can count on the Journal providing the knowledge resources needed to navigate digital disruption and advance their careers. Opt in today to continue uninterrupted print delivery!


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