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Advancing a Symbiotic Relationship Between COBIT, ISO Governance Standards

Judd Hesselroth, Director, Microsoft, Office of Legal Compliance
Posted: 11/17/2017 3:10:00 PM | Category: Government-Regulatory | Permalink | Email this post

Judd HesselrothAs a 2003 CISA recipient and a former honorary secretary of the ISACA Singapore Chapter’s board of directors, I am honored to be selected as the ISACA liaison to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 309 – Governance of Organizations.

Having served nearly three years as the chair of the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO Project Committee 278 to help develop, draft and evangelize the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System Standard, I see this as a wonderful opportunity to not only keep both the ISACA and TC-309 communities informed of significant developments in the world of governance and compliance, but also to help shape and develop newly proposed ISO standards while supporting and strengthening existing ones.


Enterprise Leaders Should Steer Organizations on Path to Digital Transformation

Matt Loeb, CGEIT, CAE, FASAE, Chief Executive Officer, ISACA
Posted: 11/14/2017 9:00:00 PM | Category: Risk Management | Permalink | Email this post

Matt LoebEmployees are at their best when they are encouraged to take calculated risks, rather than becoming complacent with what they know and what has become comfortable. The same holds true for enterprises.

Some of the best risks enterprises can take in our technology-driven business landscape involve deploying transformative technologies that allow them to connect with customers in new and innovative ways. Yet, in many cases, organizations are failing to capitalize on the widening array of opportunities.

ISACA’s new Digital Transformation Barometer research shows that only 31% of organizations frequently evaluate opportunities arising from emerging technology. Given the swift pace with which technology is introduced and refined, this shows that most enterprises are undercutting their ability to seize marketplace opportunities and better serve their customers.


Getting Digital Transformation Right: The Fundamental Three

Phil Zongo, Head of Cybersecurity, Author and Public Speaker; and Natasha Barnes, CISA, IT Risk and Compliance Consulting Manager
Posted: 11/14/2017 8:59:00 PM | Category: Risk Management | Permalink | Email this post

Phillimon Zongo Natasha BarnesEmerging technologies – such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, and 3-D printing – are swiftly disrupting several industries. To paraphrase Klaus Schwab, co-founder of the World Economic Forum, these mind-boggling innovations are redefining humanity, pushing the thresholds of lifespan, health, cognition, and capabilities in ways previously considered to be preserves of science fiction.


Research Shows ‘White Male Effect’ Can Impact Risk Communications

Stephen Cobb, CISSP, MSc., Senior Security Researcher, ESET
Posted: 11/14/2017 3:03:00 PM | Category: Risk Management | Permalink | Email this post

Stephen CobbThis is a story about researching a simple question: Why are there so many vulnerabilities in information systems? One answer that might strike a chord with ISACA members is: “failure to listen to experts.”

Many of us have spent years advising companies to adhere to the principles of security by design and privacy by design, yet some still ship products with holes in them, vulnerabilities that leak sensitive data or act as a conduit to unauthorized system access. We’ve been teaching cyber-hygiene to end users since before it was called that, and we’ve all encountered organizations that don’t listen to our warnings about the risks inherent in their deployment of digital technologies.


Will Quantum Computing Break the Internet?

Rob Clyde, CISM, vice-chair of the ISACA board of directors and managing director of Clyde Consulting LLC
Posted: 11/13/2017 3:09:00 PM | Category: Security | Permalink | Email this post

Rob Clyde“What could cause a digital Armageddon?” That is a popular question to pose to information and cyber security professionals, and when asked, I don’t hesitate: Quantum computing.

While the principles of quantum computing are certainly complex, at a high level, the risk from quantum computing can be understood fairly quickly. Unlike a digital computer bit, which can only be a zero or one, a quantum bit, or qubit, can be a zero, one, and everything in between – all at the same time. For those who are not quantum physicists, this can be mind-blowing, but the result is that a quantum computer can offer such a huge speed-up to solving certain problems, that some problems previously thought to be nearly impossible to solve may soon be solved.

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