Become a Community Topic Leader 


ISACA's Knowledge Center provides a single location in which members can obtain information around a specific topic, including publications, journal articles, events, links and news. In addition, members can network with ISACA’s global membership through discussions and by posting documents within communities in the Knowledge Center.

What is a Topic Leader?

Integral to the success of communities within ISACA's Knowledge Center, topic leaders lead efforts to:

  • Start discussions that create and generate conversation within the Knowledge Center.
  • Encourage topic members to respond to member posts to ensure that discussions receive a response.
  • Create a community environment in which members feel welcome.

 Topic Leader Application

  Community Leader Guidelines

 Topic Leader FAQs

  Community Leader Case Study


Why Become a Topic Leader?

Topic leaders help create a community of ISACA members around a specific topic. The topic leader can be the driving force behind the community by ensuring that discussions are robust and current. As a topic leader, you have built-in support from a dedicated ISACA staff member, the ISACA Communities Committee and other leaders within your topic. Topic leaders are invited to participate in an exclusive topic leader community – help is always available!

See What Topic Leaders Are Saying

 “When I try to discuss something in the community I get really useful opinions and views which I didn’t consider before.”
–Ayman Galal

“You don’t have to be an expert to contribute or obtain value from the Knowledge Center. There are plenty of experienced professionals who are willing to share their insights and advice.”
– Norman Marks


“ISACA provides excellent guidance, frameworks and standards. The Knowledge Center helps make these real and relevant to ISACA members. Topic Leaders have typically been there before; they know what applies to their areas of expertise and how to interpret it.”
– Ian Cooke

Complete the Community Leader Application!

The role of topic leader requires approximately 2 hours per week, for which you can earn up to 20 CPE credits per certification year. You may be asked to participate in 2 one-hour conference calls held throughout the year, and you will be asked to sign and adhere to the community leader guidelines.

To become a topic leader, complete the application and return it along with your resume or CV to The topic leader selection team assesses your application to ensure that your experience and expertise is appropriate to the topic. The team also looks for enthusiastic users who have already begun posting discussions and content within the Knowledge Center. Once the assessment is complete, you will be notified by the online community coordinator, usually within 2-3 weeks of receipt of your completed application.

Apply Now! Complete the topic leader application and submit it along with your resume or CV to



Community Topic Leader Activities

Support the Community

  1. Provides high-level sponsorship and support for the community.
  2. Fosters and facilitates community member interaction.
  3. Does her/his best that all questions raised within the community have a response.
  4. Identifies potential subject matter experts (SMEs) to engage with the community on a short-term basis to expose new ideas or knowledge within the topic. The SME may not necessarily be an ISACA member.
  5. Energizes the community and stimulates new ideas by starting posts that are topical and relevant.
  6. Shares good practices, resources and other expertise with the community (if applicable).
  7. Liaise with ISACA Staff.
  8. Encourage new members to join KC (KC membership growth should be everyone responsibility).
  9. Continuously identify areas that require improvement within KC. 

Willingness to Learn: We do not expect you to be an immediate expert for the community, rather initial requirements are to support, participate and maintain the community.  Current topic leaders have indicated that they learned and grown with their topic, many to expert level.

Support the Community - Promotes the value of community membership by encouraging ISACA members to join a community, facilitating conversations and developing a sense of community.

Participate in the Community - Energizes the community and stimulates new ideas by starting posts and sharing good practices, resources and other expertise with the community.

Maintain and Grow the Community - Identifies potential subject matter experts (SMEs) to engage with the community on a short-term basis and fosters and facilitates community member interaction.

Liaise with ISACA Staff - Communicates regularly with online community coordinator to ensure that ISACA staff is aware of any issues, problems or ideas for improvement.

As a topic leader:

  1. Do not use the ISACA web site as a forum to advertise
  2. You will be asked to sign the Community Leader Guideline document
  3. Only make factual statements that are truthful and can be verified
  4. Do not disclose any ISACA confidential information
  5. Respect intellectual property rights
  6. Get permission for promotions or disclaim ISACA affiliation
  7. Do not send email messages on ISACA's behalf unless expressly requested
  8. You are personally responsible for your actions
  9. We reserve the right to remove content, or ask you to do so