A Risk-Aware Path to Cybersecurity Resilience and Maturity 


Employing a New Cyber Mindset

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  Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment infographic

Cybersecurity is typically approached, analyzed and managed from a functional point of view. Enterprises typically spend considerable time and resources analyzing their security programs—and by extension the countermeasures comprising them—through the lens of scope and function. But measuring coverage and utility is not enough anymore as cybersecurity is not about a series of tasks.

As demonstrated in this FREE ISACA-CMMI white paper, A Risk-Aware Path to Cybersecurity Resilience and Maturity, cybersecurity professionals must consider business strategy planning and performance capability. Analyzing the capability of cybersecurity within an enterprise means systematically and holistically analyzing the operational efficiency of actions taken, resiliency of the people/processes/technology in use, maturity of practices, gap analyses, and total cost of ownership, and more, together with effectiveness, and doing it comprehensively and consistently across the axis of risk.

This joint white paper from ISACA and CMMI outlines a path forward using a new mindset and new tools to assess cyber capability and create a new culture of cybersecurity. Recognize, prioritize and resolve capability gaps in your enterprise to improve cyber resilience and maturity—download your free copy today!


FREE Infographic
In addition, ISACA-CMMI have also developed an infographic illustrating how to implement this new cyber capability mindset throughout the enterprise using a revamped workflow. Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment outlines the important functions of each group of major stakeholders in the organization as well as the process for assessing enterprise-wide capabilities and risk. Learn how best to optimize your cybersecurity functions—download this FREE infographic today!