Auditing and Knowledge Management 


How to Address Common Problems: A Case Study

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Audit program results are only as reliable as the inputs and information that go into them. When the architecture, framework and systems associated with auditing are insufficient, outdated or inadequately scaled, programs become inefficient, unnecessarily costly, slow or outright inaccurate and undependable. So managing individual and collective knowledge is crucial to the delivery of sound, actionable audits . . . and by extension, to the continuity of client retention for these engagements.

This FREE white paper, Auditing and Knowledge Management, uses the case study format to illustrate how common issues arise from inadequate knowledge management. Follow the experiences of a 25-person audit team as it strives for greater efficiency in audit delivery and assurance advice for its roster of government customers.

Learn about a proposed model for identifying, mapping and managing the knowledge of auditor teams to improve procedures and documentation, expand and build expertise, and optimize the quality and timeliness of services to all clients. Download your FREE copy today!