Getting Started with Data Governance Using COBIT 5 


Design and Delivery of Data Governance

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Data exists throughout enterprises; almost all stakeholders, processes and business activities rely on data at some level and to some degree. If data cannot be kept accurate, up to date, reliable and secure, risk may increase across business, operational, and compliance domains, to name only a few potential impacts.

To help secure and improve data maintenance and management, we have created this white paper, Getting Started with Data Governance Using COBIT 5. It explores the design and delivery of governance for data operations and describes the enablers that not only inform data governance and management, but also help to address common issues.

COBIT 5 enablers are germane to the governance of data, and this paper extends the coverage of COBIT 5 enablers to data governance by leveraging guidance found in COBIT 5: Enabling Information. Download today!