Maintaining Data Protection and Privacy Beyond GDPR Implementation 


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The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes applicable and enforceable on 25 May 2018. Any enterprise that collects data on individuals in the EU must institute specific privacy protections for that information or face regulatory penalties for violations. As a result, organizations around the world have been making preparations in order to demonstrate compliance by the deadline.

However, business leaders should not view GDPR requirements as a project or one-time event. Properly scoped, GDPR is only part of an enterprise’s overall strategy for data protection and privacy, and this strategy is ongoing and ever-evolving as circumstances arise.

To help enterprises comply with GDPR while developing long-term strategies that pay dividends beyond May 2018, ISACA has developed a free, thought-provoking white paper, Maintaining Data Protection and Privacy Beyond GDPR Implementation.

This white paper contains information on:

  • Developing a comprehensive data protection strategy
  • Implementing and optimizing the data protection program under GDPR
  • Integrating relevant standards into the data protection program
  • Establishing an operational life cycle and continuous improvement

Gain practical knowledge on GDPR and data protection that will pay off with critical compliance now and strategic benefits in the future—download this free white paper today!

EXTEND YOUR LEARNING: Watch our FREE archived webinar, Maintaining Data Protection and Privacy After GDPR. This one-hour webinar reminds attendees that GDPR obligations extend beyond the 25 May 2018 deadline and are an opportunity to reconsider not only privacy strategies but business strategies in general. Take a deeper dive into the topics found in the white paper and gain further understanding about data protection programs and structures.