A Global Look at IT Audit Best Practices 


2019 Global IT Audit Benchmarking Study2019 SNEAK PEEK

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2018 Report: Assessing the International Leaders in an Annual ISACA/Protiviti Survey

A Global Look at IT Audit Best PracticesISACA and Protiviti partnered to conduct the seventh annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey. Conducted online, the global survey consisted of a series of questions grouped into seven categories:

  • Emerging Technology and Business Challenges
  • IT Implementation Project Involvement
  • IT Audit in Relation to the Overall Audit Department
  • Risk Assessment
  • Audit Plan
  • Cybersecurity and the Audit Plan
  • Skills, Capabilities and Hiring

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Cyber security threats. Digital transformation. Migration to cloud. Agile development … The volume, magnitude and speed of the technological changes underway in organizations today continue to increase in dramatic fashion, from business and digital transformation to the growing complexity of data management. Many of these changes give rise to new risks, which ultimately demand more from IT audit groups: more knowledge, more skills and training, more advanced auditing technology and approaches, more resources, and more interaction between the IT audit function and other business leaders, executives and board members.

The results of the latest global IT Audit Benchmarking Study from ISACA and Protiviti paint a vivid picture of the ways IT audit leaders and professionals are succeeding, as well as where they need to step up their games, especially given the omnipresent nature of digital transformation efforts, cyber security risk and technological advancements. This year’s results identify several areas of progress (including involvement in data conversion activities). Yet most IT audit functions need to make a range of improvements if they are to deliver the strategic insights that key stakeholders expect of them in their role as real-time IT-risk advisors, as well as help their organizations address historic technological transformation and explosions in the number and severity level of cyber security risks.

The analyses of this year’s ISACA/Protiviti survey findings will help IT audit leaders and professionals understand and address gaps in their capabilities, elevate IT audit’s focus beyond check-the-box compliance, strengthen valuable partnerships with the board and business leaders, demonstrate value in strengthening organizational cyber security and, ultimately, exceed stakeholder expectations.

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