Advanced Persistent Threat Awareness Study Results 

Advanced Persistent Threat Awareness Study Results

2015 Advanced Persistent Threats Are Real

How likely is an APT attack?

Learn what has changed from 2014 to 2015.

  • 74% think they will be a target
  • 94% believe they are at least somewhat familiar with APTs
  • 28% have been subject to an attack
  • 67% believe they are ready to respond
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Advanced persistent threats (APTs) continue to enjoy the spotlight in the wake of their successful use to launch several high-profile data breaches. This, the fourth in a series of ISACA studies designed to uncover information security professionals’ understanding and opinions of APTs, technical controls, internal incidents, policy adherence and management support, reveals positive trends since the 2014 survey.

2014 Study Results

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2013 Study Results

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