Understanding Smart Contracts 


ISACA Tech BriefUnderstanding Smart Contracts

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Blockchain technology is getting increased attention these days because of the current popularity of Bitcoin. However, this important technological advancement is driving innovation in many other ways beyond cryptocurrency. Blockchain is spurring new developments in the execution and enforcement of contracts—called smart contracts. This new form of contractual arrangement is simplifying interactions between parties while lowering costs and saving time compared to the more traditional contracts.

This FREE ISACA Tech Brief: Smart Contracts provides a layman’s understanding of how smart contract technology is evolving in the marketplace. Individuals and enterprises can automate contractual functions through the use of decentralized ledger technology and smart contract software employing if/then language—if this action happens, then that action happens.

Learn about who uses smart contracts, what is the potential impact for business, what are the current challenges and risks, and what may be next for this technology—download your FREE copy today!


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