Your Member Level Matters 


ISACA constituents make up the world’s largest global organization devoted to developing trust in and value from information systems.

Prestige — Recognition — Appreciation

As a long-standing ISACA member, you can take pride in knowing that you have contributed to the profession’s body of knowledge and best-practices, and helped build ISACA into a vast, worldwide organization with four globally recognized accepted certifications. ISACA acknowledges your contributions and professional investment and wants to recognize you in 2020 and beyond.

Make sure to review your member level—2020 renewals may boost you to a higher level and make you eligible for exclusive perks, such as:

  • Special discounts on exam prep materials and books
  • Sneak previews of ISACA content
  • Additional opportunities for FREE CPEs
  • Gifts and special VIP events at ISACA conferences

Member Levels

ISACA is now awarding four new levels of recognition for our distinguished long-term members:

Bronze Level Membership

Awarded to those with 3-4 consecutive years of membership

Silver Level Membership

Awarded to those with 5-9 consecutive years of membership

Gold Level Membership

Awarded to those with 10-14 consecutive years of membership

Platinum Level Membership

Awarded to those with 15 or more consecutive years of membership

For example, if you first joined ISACA in 2017 and are a current 2019 member, you can earn Bronze Level Membership by renewing now for 2020.

  • Your membership level will be printed on your membership card so that you can proudly show it as tangible evidence of your dedication to the profession and ISACA.
  • Your membership level will be communicated to your chapter where your local leaders are encouraged to hold special events recognizing long-term members.
  • At conferences and educational events sponsored by ISACA, special recognition is planned for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum level members.

ISACA knows that members must choose their professional investments wisely. We truly appreciate your confidence in the value that your ISACA membership and/or certification brings to you and your career. We thank you for your continued membership.

“You are ISACA!”

You have earned the prestige, recognition and appreciation you deserve for being a valuable member of the world’s largest global organization devoted to inspiring confidence to enable innovation through technology. To find your current member level, please visit your MyISACA dashboard.