Model Curricula 


Graduates of programs that are designated to be in alignment with the ISACA Model Curricula qualify for one year work experience toward the related CISA or CISM designation. Is your program one of them?

Model Curricula

ISACA Model Curricula offer educators curriculum development support and outline the academic training that prepares students for entry-level positions in the industry.

To learn more about the Model Curricula please visit the Academia section of the Knowledge Center 

The ISACA Model Curriculum for IS Audit and Control was developed for use in universities and colleges by a task force of 11 academics and practicing professionals from 11 countries on five continents. Its aim is to develop the skills that businesses require to adequately govern, control and audit information systems.

The model curriculum is interdisciplinary, a format encouraged by most international accrediting bodies. The curriculum:

  • Outlines the academic training needed to prepare candidates for entry-level positions in IS assurance
  • Provides support for curriculum development and evolution
  • Discusses the research on current university offerings in the field 

The ISACA Model Curriculum for Information Security Management provides academic institutions with a basic framework of the education required to develop the skills needed to make students employable in the profession. The curriculum:

  • Is a reasonably comprehensive set of topics that should be part of an ideal program for information security management.
  • Provides a goal for colleges and universities worldwide to strive toward in meeting the demand for educating future information security management professionals.
  • Can serve both those who are interested in obtaining an information security education and interested educational institutions worldwide that are developing a curriculum in information security.

Programs Currently in Alignment with the Model Curriculum for IS Audit and Control

The schools programs listed in the Academia section of the Knowledge Center offer programs that have been reviewed by ISACA and found to be in alignment with the Model Curriculum. This designation helps students interested in the IS assurance profession find schools that match their career goals and allows colleges and universities to market their programs to organizations that seek to recruit students with specific educational backgrounds.

To be considered for alignment with the Model Curriculum, schools should map their programs on the alignment grid and submit the mapping in English for evaluation.

Visit the Knowledge Center to find programs that align with the Model Curriculum.

Graduates of these programs qualify for one year work experience toward the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) designation.