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Join today and plant the seed to start your career. As anISACA student member, you join a community of 1,000 full-time students from more than 300 universities around the world.

Qualifications for Student Membership

To qualify as a student member, you must be currently enrolled as a full-time student (undergraduate or graduate programs) in degree programs of recognized colleges or universities.

Degree Type

Credit Hour Requirement

(All credit hours must be taken at one time)

Undergraduate Students
(Bachelor’s Degree)

12 Credit hours per semester 

Graduate/Doctoral Students
(Master's Degree and PhD)

9 Credit hours per semester

Not Taking Minimum Requirement 

Must submit letter from your University
registrar stating you are currently enrolled
as a full-time student

In order to complete your student membership application, you will be required to submit verification of your full-time status. These are the only documents that will be accepted in verifying your full-time student status:

  • A screen shot or a copy of your current class schedule with the name of the institution, name of the student, date and number of credit hours currently taking; or
  • Copy of a letter from the institution's registrar on university letterhead specifying that the applicant is currently enrolled as a full-time student


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Join online, then email or fax your verification of full-time student status to expedite your posting as a student member.

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Or complete the student membership application and send it via post, email or fax, along with your verification of full-time student status.

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NOTE: When using the printed application form, please allow 3-5 business days to obtain the student member rate on exams, conferences or purchases. Both your printed application form and document verifying your full-time student status are required for processing. See Postal, fax and email information below.

Submit printed Applications and verifications via fax or mail to:

Attn: Membership Coordinator (Students)
1055 Paysphere Circle
Chicago, Illinois 60674 USA

Tel: +1.847.660.5600
Fax: +1.847.253.1652

For certification exam-related questions, contact

Student Membership Fees

Student membership fees include US $25 for basic ISACA International dues (savings of US $110), plus local chapter dues (at zero or reduced student rates).

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Total Student Membership Cost Example

International Dues  +
 New Member Fee  +
 Chapter Dues =
$26 (Rome)

ISACA student membership runs on a calendar year 1 January – 31 December.


Additional Student Membership Information