Scholarship awards are just one of the many ways that Chapters all over the world are recognizing student achievements.

University Scholarships

Many ISACA chapters award scholarships to students pursuing careers in Information Systems Auditing, IT Governance, Information Security and other related fields.

Awards may include cash, ISACA membership and other benefits. Check your local chapter for more information.

Boise Chapter

Name of Scholarship: ISACA Boise Chapter Academic Scholarship Program
Amount of Scholarship: $750

Contact: James Cruz ([email protected])


Chicago Chapter

Name of Scholarship: ISACA Chicago Chapter Academic Scholarship
Description: For those interested in pursuing educational opportunities in the field of information systems (IS), IS governance, IS audit, IS compliance, IS security or related studies. Individuals interested in applying for the Scholarship must complete the application and related information requirements.

Contact: [email protected]


Denver Chapter

Name of Scholarship: Information Systems Audit and Control Association Scholarship Program
Amount of Scholarship: $6,000 available (two $1,500; two $1,000; two $500)

Contact: Jaimie Sylman ([email protected])


Detroit Chapter

Name of Scholarship: Detroit ISACA Detroit Chapter’s Annual Scholarship Contest
Description: This is a case-study, team competition. Universities can send more than one team to participate in the competition. Teams are issued a “real world” business case study to work on and at the conclusion, they are asked to present their reports and recommendations to a panel of judges. Winners are announced after all teams have presented. The university that has the winning team is also awarded a 1st place trophy. That trophy remains with that university until the following years contest begins and the new winners are announced.

Amount of Scholarship: Teams compete for one of three scholarships: 1st place is $3,000, 2nd place is $2,000 and 3rd place is $1,000.

Website: None
Contact: Sajay Rai ([email protected] or 734.487.0246)


Edmonton Chapter

Name of Scholarship: Vivek Dharap Scholarship
Amount of Scholarship: $200 CDN given to Student Member of ISACA Edmonton Chapter by random draw.

Contact: [email protected]


Houston Area (University of Houston, Clear Lake)

Name of Scholarship: ISACA Scholarship
Amount of Scholarship: varies

Contact: Leslie Wells ([email protected])


New England Chapter

Name of Scholarship: H. Peet Raap Memorial Scholarship
Description: In its endeavors to promote student awareness of professional organizations and professions in the area of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance, ISACA of New England is proudly offering academic assistance for 3 qualified applicants for the 2014-2015 academic year. Three students will be awarded the following scholarships for their essay submissions on the topics provided.

Amount of Scholarship: 3 scholarships (1 for $2,000; and 2 for $1,250). Additionally, the first five (5) applicants will receive an ISACA student membership.

Contact: ISACA NE Scholarship Group ([email protected])


Philadelphia Chapter

Name of Scholarship: Annual ISACA Academic Scholarship Competition
Amount of Scholarship: 1st place—US $2500; 2nd place—US $1500; 3rd place—US $1000



Research Triangle Chapter

Name of Scholarship: The William M. Alston Memorial Scholarship
Amount of Scholarship: US $500



South Florida Chapter

Name of Scholarship: ISACA South Florida Scholarship. Two scholarships are awarded to students who attend one of the schools listed below:

University of Miami
Florida Atlantic University
Florida International University
NOVA Southeastern University
Barry University

Amount of Scholarship: US $1000 each

Contact: [email protected]


Toronto Chapter (several Toronto area scholarships)

Name of Scholarship: ISACA Toronto Chapter Scholarship. Scholarships are given to each of the following schools through relevant professors, and are awarded to merit students from IT/IS audit courses:

University of Waterloo
Ryerson University
York University
University of Toronto
Brock University

Amount of Scholarship: Up to $2,000 CDN each year plus free ISACA membership for one year

Contact: Academic Relations Coordinator ([email protected])


Utah Chapter (Four area universities)

Name of Scholarship: ISACA Utah Chapter Scholarship at each of the following schools:

Weber State University
Utah State University
University of Utah
Brigham Young University

Amount of Scholarship: 4 scholarships of $500 each

Website: None
Contact: Dr. Jefferson T. Davis ([email protected])


Western Michigan Chapter

Name of Scholarship: WMISACA Scholarship

Amount of Scholarship: $500 (one time award)

Description, Restrictions and Qualifications:

Website: None
Contact: WMISACA Secretary at: [email protected] or WMISACA Scholarship Review Committee, P.O. Box 14282, Lansing, MI 48901


Brisbane Chapter

Name of Scholarship: 5 awards given to students at 5 different universities:

Central Queensland University
The University of Queensland
Queensland University of Technology
Griffith University
University of Southern Queensland

Amount of Scholarship: AUD $200, plus an engraved plaque and free student membership



Wellington Chapter

Name of Scholarship: ISACA Wellington Scholarship
Amount of Scholarship: NZD $1,000 is awarded to the top student within Victoria University's INFO301 course

Website: None
Contact: Vaughan Harrison ([email protected])