Create a Student Group 


ISACA student groups are the grassroots of the ISACA student program.They build awareness of the Association at universities, and help students get a jump start in their careers through leadership opportunities.

To assist students, faculty and chapter leaders through the formation process, ISACA has developed a Student Group toolkit, which provides materials to those who are simply looking for more information, or are ready to be officially recognized by ISACA international and receive their official logo.

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ISACA Student Group Toolkit

Start a Student Group:
Requirements for Official Recognition

This document outlines requirements to gain official recognition
of your student group.

Recognized Student Groups
Please find a list of those universities whose student groups have been officially recognized by ISACA international headquarters.

Guidelines/Sample Bylaws
For use as a template when writing bylaws for the ISACA student group. Be sure to adhere to university requirements while drafting bylaws.

Find Your Local Chapter Contact

Planning Checklist
Meeting guidelines are designed to assist chapter leaders in preparing for informational meetings on student groups.

Logo Use Guidelines
Once a student group has been approved and recognized by ISACA international, it will receive an official ISACA Student Group logo.