FAQs: ISACA Student Group 


1. Where do I start?

Please visit www.isaca.org/createISG and you will find a toolkit with all the necessary resources needed to start your own student group, no matter where you are in the process.

2. Can an ISACA Student Group be formed in conjunction with another student group on campus, such as a chapter of another organization or a general group for students interested in similar subject matter such as MIS?


3. Who qualifies to serve as a faculty advisor for our new ISACA Student Group?

The faculty advisor can be an existing Academic Advocate at your University or any faculty members interested in participating in this program.

4. Does the university’s faculty advisor need to be involved in the formation and day-to-day activities of an ISACA Student Group?

Yes, the faculty advisor must be involved in the formation of the ISACA Student Group. However, they do not need to regularly attend meetings.

5. There is no chapter near our university – can we still start an ISG?

Yes. You can start an ISG on your campus even if you do not have a chapter nearby. If you are outside of a chapter's territory, please use the chapter locator tool to find the closest chapter. The nominated chapter must agree to be in sufficient electronic communication.

6. Our university has mostly undergrad commuter students / graduate students / online students. How can we organize an ISG?

Commuter students and graduate students may be interested in a quarterly meeting with guest speakers from the local chapter or from a local business enterprise. Online students may be interested in using social networking media for interaction for interaction on career topics. Check with your local chapter for online access resources as well. Online student may also be able to participate in meetings via the web (if the school has these online streaming capabilities). ISGs can be organized as a virtual student organization with online members only.

7. Do ISG participants need to be ISACA student members in order to join the ISG?

No. Students do not have to be ISACA student members in order to participate in an ISACA student group. Participating is a great way to introduce students to the association.

8. How do we get the ISACA student group logo?

In order to get the official student group logo, the ISG must be officially recognized by ISACA. To be officially recognized, please submit the application found on www.isaca.org/createISG through https://support.isaca.org/.