ISACA Web Site: Building a Community 


ISACA's web site, drawing on the innovative ideas, creative design concepts and capability suggestions from our global membership community, is a major organizational initiative and an exciting step forward for the association.


Web Site Provides Personalized Experience

ISACA's web site provides expanded opportunities for ISACA members to broaden their professional network; collaborate and share knowledge with peers; and easily find and access professional resources.

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Driven by your personal interests and settings, the site’s customizable
My ISACA home page makes it easy to access valuable publications and events, and stay up to date on the benefits included with your ISACA membership, including:

  • Local and topical events—Quickly view events in your local area.
  • Local chapter updates—Stay current with your local chapter through upcoming events and news.
  • Individual notifications—Get personalized updates on the status of your certifications, your continuing professional education (CPE) hours and your membership.
  • Relevant suggestions—Based on your interests and activity, view applicable ISACA research, news, events and more—personalized specifically for you.
  • Establish professional interests—Quickly view web site content that interests you.
  • Create your own ISACA blog.

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Advanced Search and Findability

An enhanced search engine accurately matches search criteria to content, including text within documents. Following are some search features:

  • Search results narrowed by content type (e.g., ISACA Journal article, news, events), topic, date or language.
  • Ability to search for people within the site.
  • Improved site navigation.
  • CPE opportunities identifiable using the event locator.
  • Quick links to guide you to commonly accessed information.

This web site is not simply about finding content; it is about connecting with other ISACA members. On this web site, you can search for people who share the same interests, industry, language or location and leverage their knowledge.


Knowledge Center

ISACA's IT Professional Networking and Knowledge Center is a meeting place for IT professionals who share common professional interests:

  • Access ISACA's vast body of knowledge including ISACA Frameworks like COBIT, Research Deliverables, ISACA Standards, Guidelines and Procedures and browse through content by topic including ISACA and user contributed documents and links.
  • Collaborate with other ISACA members through topic - based discussions 
  • Leverage the knowledge of ISACA's membership by collaboratively creating knowledge using wikis.
  • Connect to other ISACA members—Add members to your personal connections and send members messages via an ISACA private email system.

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Web 2.0 Functionality

ISACA used member feedback to make the web site more usable, functional and valuable as a complete professional membership and knowledge portal. Enhancements include:

  • RSS feeds—Select topical feeds from various knowledge and news sections of the site to keep up with the latest from ISACA International and thought-leading members.
  • Bookmarks—Bookmark pages, sections, documents and ongoing conversations for easy access, sharing and reference.
  • Saved searches—Adding to robust search and content classification enhancements, maintain frequent searches, along with targeted suggestions based on your interests and browsing behavior.
  • Certification verification—Online employer verification of certification holders allows employers and potential employers to verify your certification status. This enhancement builds on the prestige and accessibility of current certification holders while also helping to grow interest in becoming a certified professional.