Shopping on the Job 


2011 Shopping on the Job Survey: 
Online Holiday Shopping and BYOD Security

ISACA’s fourth annual "Shopping on the Job" survey examines employees’ risky online activities while using work-issued computers.

The survey also examines the growing “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend that is blurring the lines between personal and corporate devices.


The global survey results reveal:

  • The number of employees who plan to use a work-supplied device to shop online—and how much time they’ll spend shopping
  • The risky activities employees say they do online
  • Cost of lost productivity that business and IT professionals expect their enterprises to experience
  • Whether companies permit BYOD—and if the risk outweighs the benefits
  • Whether companies tend to ban, limit or freely allow employees to shop online and visit social networking sites

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See what more than 4,700 global IT professionals and ISACA members of ISACA had to say about the risk of online shopping and other activities. Additionally, learn what 1,224 U.S. employees reported about their online shopping habits.

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  Key Findings: U.S. Consumer Survey

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