Shopping on the Job 


ISACA’s 2010 Online Holiday Shopping and

Workplace Internet Safety Survey

ISACA’s third annual "Shopping on the Job" survey examines employees’ risky online activities using work-issued computers and mobile devices.

The global survey results reveal:

  • How many employees plan to use a work-supplied device to shop online
  • What kinds of risky activities employees plan to do online
  • Whether employees are concerned that their online behaviors affect their organizations
  • Cost of lost productivity that business and IT professionals expect their enterprises to experience
  • How many enterprises have security policies and provide training on them
  • Whether companies tend to ban, limit or freely allow employees to shop online and visit social networking sites
  • And much more


To see what 3,307 global IT professionals and members of ISACA had to say about the risks of online shopping and other activities—and what 2,853 US employees reported about their online shopping habits:

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