Emerging Topics and Technologies in Information Systems 


Renowned academics who have written more than 100 publications in information systems and technologies compile the most salient emerging issues, topics and challenges in these areas.

By Miltiadis D. Lytras and Patricia Cordonez de Pablos

Reviewed by Vishnu Kanhere, Ph.D., CISA, CISM, AICWA, CFE, FCA

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Emerging Topics and Technologies in Information Systems, a book by renowned academics with more than 100 publications in these areas, is a compilation of emerging issues, topics and challenges in information systems and technologies. It is an important reference book providing a source of knowledge for all those interested in knowing the current state-of-the-art technologies and trends in information systems.

With the growing use of information technology and systems across diverse fields and applications, and the reliance on information technology for high-end as well as routine operations and common use, knowledge of trends and technologies has become a must for those in charge of governance, operations managers, and IS professionals and auditors alike.

The authors have selected and prescribed a broad perspective and have covered a wide variety of topics. The 17 chapters cover topics ranging from measuring and reporting technological capital, knowledge management and enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-commerce and web technologies, mobile computing, wireless technologies, privacy issues, semantic models and agility in computing, virtual environments, and portals.

Each chapter is well organized, starting with an abstract followed by topic-specific discussions; is well illustrated with figures and diagrams; and includes appropriate conclusions and endnotes, where required. The book’s wealth of references provides a launch pad for further reading and its index makes for easy access and usability. The chapter on technologies provides models and adaptation approaches, and discusses examples of applications and case studies, with screenshots where available.

In fact, the combined lessons of the 17 chapters provide an insight into the growing world of computing, from health care to flying and e-commerce to mobile/wireless technologies, that will help the IS professional and auditor to stay abreast of the latest advancements. The book gives a ring-side view of the challenges and issues that can add value to the exercise of IS control and IS audit.

Referring to the book prior to embarking on a new assignment will not only help in broadening the outlook, but will provide scope for lateral thinking and application of ideas, especially when information systems are being increasingly relied upon for decision support and as an integral part of human existence, business and commerce.

Emerging Topics and Technologies in Information Systems is a good reference book that is recommended for IS professionals who want to quickly move up the learning curve. It also provides ample material and ideas for applied research and development in cutting-edge technologies and emerging areas for future research.

Editor’s Note

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Reviewed by Vishnu Kanhere, Ph.D., CISA, CISM, AICWA, CFE, FCA
An expert in software valuation, IS security and IS audit, Kanhere is a renowned faculty member at several management institutes, government academies and corporate training programs, Kanhere is a member of the Sectional Committee LITD 17 on Information Security and Biometrics of the Bureau of Indian Standards. He is currently newsletter editor and academic relations, standards and research coordinator of the ISACA Mumbai Chapter; member of the ISACA Publications Subcommittee; honorary secretary of the Computer Society of India, Mumbai Chapter; convener of a special interest group on security; chairman of WIRC of eISA; and convener of the security committee of the IT cell of Indian Merchants’ Chamber. He can be contacted at vkanhere@vsnl.com or vishnukanhere@yahoo.com.