Predicting Malicious Behavior: Tools and Techniques for Ensuring Global Security 


By Gary M. Jackson
Reviewed by Dauda Sule, CISA

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Predicting Malicious Behavior: Tools and Techniques for Ensuring Global Security by Gary M. Jackson is based on 2 decades of research on how to catch malicious attackers. The usual practice had been that organizations responded to an attack only after it had occurred. The rise in more advanced attacks has rendered such reactive responses obsolete. Trying to get into the mind of attackers before they strike provides a much better response.

The author of Predicting Malicious Behavior seeks to bring to light current technology that predicts human behavior by combining behavioral science and computer science. It has become imperative for organizations to be prepared for malicious attacks and also to put measures in place to protect against such attacks. Being able to predict what a malicious attacker might do goes a long way to help mitigate such an attack.

The book comes with a supplementary DVD containing instructional videos on using automated behavior analysis tools and how they work. The DVD is divided into 2 sections: The 1st part covers use of automated behavior analysis tools (e.g., ThemeMate and AutoAnalyzer), and the 2nd shows cyber-based network protection tools (e.g., CheckMate and InMate).

The book is based on a wealth of experience in predictive behavioral analysis, which can be beneficial in protecting networks from malicious attackers. Although the topic might seem theoretical, it has been tried, tested and proven to be effective in the fight against crime. This book can be of immense benefit to those in law enforcement and security, as it can help to prevent and protect against potential cyberattacks. Researchers and academics in behavioral analysis and information security will also benefit from the book.

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Dauda Sule, CISA, is currently marketing manager at Audit Associates Limited, which is a consultancy firm that specializes in designing and organizing training programs pertaining to auditing, fraud detection and prevention, information security and assurance, and anti-money laundering. He has more than 5 years of experience in the Nigerian Banking industry and also worked at Gtech Computers (a computer and allied services company) as a systems security and assurance supervisor.