About Our Chapter 


Welcome to the ISACA Toronto Chapter.

The aim of the Chapter is to sponsor local educational seminars and workshops, conducts regular chapter meetings, and help to further promote and elevate the visibility of the IS audit, control and security profession throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

ISACA (previously the Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is a world wide association of IS governance professionals. The association currently focuses on assurance, security, and governance and provides globally recognized certification in assurance (Certified Information Systems Auditor), security (Certified Information Security Manager), and governance (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT).

The association is one of individual members, often the sole practitioner of information systems auditing, security, and/or governance in his or her company. The membership of the ISACA reflects a multiplicity of backgrounds and skills that make the information systems governance field challenging and dynamic.

This chapter is run by volunteers who are ISACA members nominated through ISACA Annual General Meeting (AGM). ISACA members' participations in running the chapter are highly encouraged.

From the President

Welcome to our Chapter website. We are very happy to rollout the new website. As you will notice, the new website features a look and feel consistent with ISACA international and allows us more efficient and content management and functionality. Please provide your feedback to our webmaster to help us continuously improve convenience, functionality and access.

I am humbled with the continued support of my board and members to allow me to continue in my role as President for the second year of my 2 year term. I continue to feel quite excited about the role and the opportunity to take the chapter to the next level. I see this role as a tremendous opportunity also to serve the 2400+ members of the Chapter. I consider myself the first servant of the Chapter, committed to delivering what members expect from the Chapter.

As many of you will appreciate, it is the best time to be an IS Audit professional, with Information Technology and Systems having become such a dominant force in many industries as well as in our day to day lives. Our profession commands a new degree of respect; stakeholders have begun to understand the importance of what we do and the value we bring. Stakeholders are looking to us for assurance and expertise on how well protected they are from a whole variety of IT related risks and have begun to demand assurance information that makes business sense to them. The nature of questions have also changed from “did we pass the audit?” to more of “are we focusing our risk management efforts on the right issues?”; “how are we doing compared to our peers on conventional versus emerging risks?” and so on.

Drawing a parallel, I personally believe it is great time to continue to be the President of one of the very large ISACA chapters in the world. I have great respect for the Directors on our board as well as the members of our Chapter. Our Board of Directors and their committees make a great team that is committed to enhancing the profile of our chapter and member services. Based on my interactions, I have noticed that our members know exactly what they want from the chapter and are very sophisticated in terms their needs from the Chapter. This makes it very important for us to understand the diverse expectations of our members and fulfill them all to the best of our ability through smart planning and programming.

I will continue to work closely with my Directors and as a team we will challenge ourselves to push the bar on every aspect of our chapter. My only request of each of you is to provide your feedback, suggestions and comments by communicating with us. I believe in transparency and open communication and to that end shall keep you posted on Chapter initiatives, events and developments. In closing, on a personal note, I wish each one of you a great season and all the very best on your personal and professional endeavours. Take good care and yourself and your clients.



ISACA Toronto Chapter