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Appeals undertaken by a certification exam taker, certification applicant or by a certified individual are undertaken at the discretion and cost of the exam taker, applicant or individual.

Exam Taker Appeal

Candidates who wish to address any comments or concerns about the examination administration, including any candidate exam day issues, site conditions or the content of the exam, should contact ISACA’s Customer Experience Center.

Please include the following information in your comments: exam ID number, testing site, date tested and any relevant details on the specific issue. Only those comments received by ISACA during the first 48-hours after the exam administration will be considered in the final scoring of the exam.

Application Appeal

By applying for an ISACA certification, an applicant agrees to denial of certification in the event that:

  1. The application does not meet the certification requirements
  2. Any of the statements or answers made by the applicant on the application are false
  3. The applicant violates any of the rules or regulations governing the exam

Applicants can appeal the application decision through ISACA’s Customer Experience Center.

Reinstatement Appeal

Certified individuals who fail to comply with or violate any of the rules or policies governing the certification program will have their credential revoked, will no longer be allowed to present themselves as a certified individual and will be reported as such on requests for confirmation of certification. Individuals who have their certification revoked will be required to re-take and re-pass the exam and re-apply for certification with the appropriate experience if they wish to return to an active status.

CPE Policy Violation

Individuals whose certification has been revoked due to noncompliance with the CPE policy have the option to appeal for reinstatement through the Certification Working Group. The appeal request must include a detailed explanation of why the certification holder was unable to comply with the necessary requirements on time, as well as sufficient CPE documentation to meet the annual and 3-year cycle requirements from revocation to present.

All approved reinstatement appeals submitted more than 60-days following the date of revocation will incur a $50 fee. This reinstatement fee is in addition to any outstanding annual maintenance fees needed to bring the individual’s compliance up-to-date.

If an appeal for reinstatement is not approved, to return to active will require re-taking and re-passing the exam, as well as re-applying for certification with the appropriate experience.

Individuals wishing to appeal for reinstatement can do so by contacting ISACA’s Customer Experience Center.