General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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GDPR Compliance: The Information & Insights You Need to Avoid Penalties

The European Union’s General Data Protect Regulation is a sweeping data protection law that affects all enterprises offering goods or services (regardless if payment is required) within the EU as well as any business retaining or processing information on any EU citizen. Given the global nature of digital commerce today, this regulation is having a global impact.

For enterprises, the cost of non-compliance can be high—the EU recently issued the first wave of rulings and penalties, with more likely to come. With potential penalties ranging up to 4% of a company’s worldwide revenues for severe offenders, government authorities are clearly serious about ensuring the protection of personal information collected, stored and used by organizations.

Follow ISACA’s world-class privacy guidance and learn how best to operate in a GDPR world and develop new enterprise best practices that can give your organization a competitive advantage in managing data protection.

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As you develop a data protection strategy and plan for your enterprise, take advantage of the knowledge and thought leadership provided by ISACA's worldwide network of experts.

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Stay on top of the latest news and current events about GDPR, and see what ISACA thought leaders have to say about the importance of complying with this new regulatory development and the strategic opportunities it affords forward-thinking enterprises.

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GDPR Advocacy

ISACA is already acknowledged as a global thought leader in the information risk, governance and security space, providing relevant guidance and internationally recognized certifications. This, together with ISACA's strong European presence, means that ISACA is ideally positioned to provide practical and pragmatic guidance to assist organizations to prepare for the requirements of GDPR, particularly in the areas of privacy by design, appropriate security protection and the role of the Data Protection Officer.

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