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Volume 1, 2019

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Continuous Modernization

Continuous Modernization
16 January 2019
Vinay Parisa, IBM Certified IT Architect, Biswajit Mohapatra, IBM Certified Executive Consultant and Srividya Vinod, IBM Certified Consultant

Blockchain, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality are revolutionizing the way people work. The evolution of these emerging technologies is largely due to the adoption of the disruptive technologies of the past—namely, cloud, analytics, mobile and social. While cloud adoption initially began with a desire to reduce the cost of computing and storage, organizations now see the cloud as a catalyst for innovation and as a platform that enables new customer experiences. Cloud computing has evolved from an innovation to an integral part of business enablement. “Cloud computing is now a substantial part of new IT spend, expected to grow more than [US] $195 billion in 2020.” Read More >>

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Rajul Kambli

What Are Challenges in Deployment and How Can They Be Mitigated?
3 January 2019
Rajul Kambli, CISA, CMA

Transformation offers many key benefits, and any enterprise that would like to sustain and grow in this ever-changing, fast-paced world would be subject to the deployment of new systems. In my recent ISACA Journal article, I discuss various challenges that any enterprise might experience and how the intensity of any of those challenges would differ based on organizational dynamics and economic variables.

Here are some key points that any enterprise should consider in the deployment process... Read More >>

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