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Volume 2, 2019

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Implementing a Cybersecurity Culture

Implementing a Cybersecurity Culture
20 March 2019
Luis Emilio Alvarez-Dionisi, Ph.D. and Nelly Urrego-Baquero

Culture is an important topic that has been studied by anthropologists and sociologists for years.

However, culture currently has the attention of senior management and many IT and auditing enterprises across the world, due to increasing online business (e.g., cloud-based services and e-commerce), market globalization and constantly evolving Internet technologies.

Enterprises are facing culture challenges every day. For example, consider a fictional enterprise that recently promoted its New York City (New York, USA) director of IT auditing to chief information security officer (CISO) for the Indian subcontinent. Read More >>

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The Road to GDPR Compliance

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How to Ensure Data Privacy and Protection Through Ecosystem Integration
25 February 2019
Dave Brunswick

My recent ISACA Journal article, “Data Privacy, Data Protection and the Importance of Integration for GDPR Compliance,” describes how the movement and processing of personal data, along with the procedures around those workflows, are central to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Here are actionable steps enterprises can take to implement a modern integration strategy that ensures both data protection and data privacy.

Ensure Data Protection
The keys to ensuring enterprise data protection through a combination of tools and policy include:

  • PGP encryption—Apply Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption standards for data in motion and data at rest, and control the keys.

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