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Volume 3, 2018

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As Hospitals Get Smart, Cybersecurity Challenges Will Increase

As Hospitals Get Smart, Cybersecurity Challenges Will Increase
20 June 2018
Justine Bone, Violet Morris and Chadwick Williamson

Healthcare technology is at a critical juncture of rapid growth, seamless implementation and the need for constant adaptability. The practice of medicine has progressed through many technological advancements. It is startling that only 15 years ago, healthcare specialists dreamed of remotely connecting through a televised monitor to another healthcare facility’s surgical conference room to conduct a team pre-operation (pre-op) surgical planning discussion. Today, surgeons are using robotic technologies to perform life-saving procedures from abroad through a lens and monitor. Healthcare professionals are connecting to patients through call systems for improved efficiency, speed and delivering immediate care to prevent emergency situations. Hospitals discharge patients much earlier than previously and remotely monitor their health via medical devices that communicate to practitioners in real time with alerts regarding clinical changes, needs or diagnoses. Read More >>

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The Assessment Will Help Your Organization Tackle Any Security Obstacle
18 June 2018
Tyler Hardison, CISSP, PCI-QSA

When faced with an obstacle, how do you take the first step? I have found it helps to follow the steps outlined in Lisa Avellan’s article “Five Simple Steps When You Don’t Know Where to Start”:

  1. Breathe and relax
  2. Prioritize
  3. Make the best decision
  4. Act immediately
  5. Evaluate

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