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Volume 6, 2018

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The Age of PowerShell

The Age of PowerShell
12 December 2018
Ignacio Marambio Catán, CISA, CRISC, CEH, CISSP, Security+

The IT industry is changing at a rapid pace, and gone are the days when administrators managed just a handful of servers. In today’s rapid deployments, system administrators are required to handle tens of hundreds of servers that are spun up or destroyed, as demand dictates. The industry is increasingly dealing with this trend with a handful of technologies that automate many tasks that were done by hand in the past, including the creation of virtual machines, containers, configuration of operating systems, networking parameters, audit setting, and installation of applications or features. Tools such as Chef, Ansible and Puppet manage the configuration of servers, and others such as Kubernetes and Docker can be used to perform lightweight virtualization and application isolation, while Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud services give rise to fast and massive infrastructure with little capital expenditure for applications. Read More >>

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Bound to Happen
17 December 2018
Randy Pierson, CISA, Kevin Alvero, CFE, Wade Cassels, CISA, CFE, CIA, CRMA

In the wake of the high-profile information security breaches that have made headlines over the past few years, leaders in the security field have been coaching organizations to make 2 fundamental changes in the way they have traditionally handled breaches. First, instead of focusing solely on impenetrability, organizations should accept that breaches are going to happen and place greater focus on detection and management. Second, organizations should be prompt and transparent when it comes to notifying impacted stakeholders about the impact of a breach instead of, well, doing the opposite. Read More >>

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