Santo Domingo Chapter Overview


Chapter Contact

Rosa Damaris Diaz - Presidente
Email: Rosa Damaris Diaz 
Cel: 829-936-4080

Junior Guerrero - Vicepresidente
Email: Junior Guerrero
Cel: 829-766-0465

Rafael Ovalle - Secretario
Email: Rafael Ovalle
Tel: 829-757-1130
Félix Rodríguez -Tesorero
Email: Félix Rodríguez
Tel: 829-559-8857

Email: Santo Domingo Chapter
Twitter: @isaca_rd
Facebook: ISACA Santo Domingo Chapter
LinkedIn: ISACA Santo Domingo Chapter


Chapter territory: 50 mile radius from the center of Santo Domingo

Membership Dues

Join ISACA between 1 August 2018 — 31 July 2019
Membership is valid through 31 December 2019

* Total membership fees = International Dues + Local Chapter Dues + New Member Fee.

Upcoming Chapter Events

Please visit our web site or contact us for additional information. We look forward to you joining the ISACA community and serving your professional needs for many years to come!