IT Professional Member Value 


Membership demonstrates your commitment to professional growth, knowledge sharing and advancement. Become a Member and enhance your value to your enterprise!

Should I Become a Member?

Yes, if you want to:

  • Become better at your job. ISACA provides access to leading-edge research, both as an association and through its affiliated IT Governance Institute. ISACA also pursues publication exchanges with other organizations to provide our members with access to their research.

      ISACA Overview Brochure
  • Support your profession.
    • ISACA’s Standards Board defines, develops and promulgates IS audit standards which establish a quality baseline by which other IT audit and control activities are measured.
    • ISACA’s affiliation with the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) has been instrumental in rating the international information technology guidelines issued by IFAC.
  • Increase your value to your employer by expanding your skill set.
    • Each year, Computer Audit, Control and Security (CACS) Conferences around the world offer members discounted access to a variety of hot-topic workshops conducted by internationally known instructors.
    • ISACA chapters offer education on a monthly basis.
    • ISACA Journal features articles on topics of immediate interest to the IS audit and control community.  The bimonthly journal is provided free to all members.
      Or, visit the Apple App Store and search for "ISACA Journal" to download the free app from your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

      ROI for the Enterprise

  • Expand your network of business contacts.
    • Membership in one of ISACA’s 200 chapters with members in more than 180 countries immediately puts you in contact with a local circle of peers with similar job responsibilities and concerns.
    • ISACA conferences expand your network even further and chapter websites, Internet newsletters, and listservs allow members to share advice on topics of professional interest.
  • Position yourself to participate in a global marketplace. ISACA's international membership offers opportunities to learn more about business cultures, priorities, and practices from around the world.
  • Support the future of your profession.ISACA is preparing model curricula for information systems auditing at the undergraduate and graduate levels ensuring that the research essential to the next generation of IS audit and control specialists continues.
  • Position yourself for management opportunities.
    • ISACA allows members to practice leadership skills through its chapters and its International boards, committees and task forces.
    • The ISACA-sponsored Leadership Conference offers chapter leaders the opportunity to exchange best practices and develop leadership and management skills.

IMPORTANT: Required IRS Notice
The Tax Reform Act of 1993 includes a provision that eliminates the portion of an association member’s dues attributable to an association’s lobbying expenses. Beginning with 1994, associations have been required to notify their members about the non-deductible portion of their dues and similar payments at the time of assessment or payment of dues.

Contributions or gifts to Information Systems Audit and Control Association, Inc. (ISACA) are not deductible as charitable contributions for U.S. income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. ISACA estimates that the non-deductible portion of your 2018 ISACA membership dues – the portion that is allocable to lobbying – is 1.0%. Contributions or gifts to the IT Governance Institute, an institute organized and operated for educational purposes, may be tax-deductible as charitable contributions. Please consult your tax advisor.