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PO7 Manage IT Human Resources

Process Description

Plan and OrganiseA competent workforce is acquired and maintained for the creation and delivery of IT services to the business. This is achieved by following defined and agreed-upon practices supporting recruiting, training, evaluating performance, promoting and terminating. This process is critical, as people are important assets, and governance and the internal control environment are heavily dependent on the motivation and competence of personnel.

PO7 Manage IT Human Resources

Control over the IT process of Manage IT human resources that satisfies the business requirement for IT of acquiring competent and motivated people to create and deliver IT services by focusing on hiring and training personnel, motivating through clear career paths, assigning roles that correspond with skills, establishing a defined review process, creating position descriptions and ensuring awareness of dependency on individuals is achieved by:

  • Reviewing staff performance
  • Hiring and training IT personnel to support IT tactical plans
  • Mitigating the risk of overdependence on key resources
and is measured by
  • Level of stakeholders’ satisfaction with IT personnel expertise and skills
  • IT personnel turnover
  • Percent of IT personnel certified according to job needs
PO7 Manage IT Human Resources
PO7 Manage IT Human Resources