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Journal CPE Quizzes are currently unavailable.

Looking for a chance to earn CPEs through Journal Quizzes? Don't worry, they'll be back in mid-February.

CPE Opportunities from ISACA

Opportunities to earn CPE

Earn up to 32 CPEs when attending an ISACA Conference.

Training Weeks
Earn up to 32 CPEs when completing an ISACA Training Week course.

Online Training
Earn up to 36 free CPEs per year when attending ISACA Webinars and Virtual Instructor Led Trainings (CPE quizzes are for members only).

On-Demand Learning
Earn up to 28 CPEs per course when completing on-demand and online review courses.

Journal Quizzes 
Currently Unavailable. Earn one CPE for each of the six journals annually (members only).

Volunteering with ISACA
Participate on an ISACA or ITGI board, working group, volunteer project, or as an ISACA chapter officer and gain one CPE (up to 20 per year) for each hour of active participation.

Skills-Based Training/ Lab Activities
Obtain skills-based CPEs when completing the CSX courses, labs and/or certificate programs that are available on the CSX Cybersecurity Nexus Platform.

Qualifying Professional Education Activities

Membership professional - briefcase

Activities that qualify for CPE include technical and managerial training. This training must be directly applicable to the job practice areas associated with the certification(s) to ensure a proper balance of professional development is attained.

CPE hours are not accepted for on-the-job activities unless they fall into a specific qualifying professional education activity. Training in basic office productivity software, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, does not qualify as CPE. Specific activities have annual CPE hour limits. CPE can be reported in quarter hour increments.

CSX-Ps — for applicable Cybersecurity Qualifying Professional Education Activities, please refer to the CSX-P Continuing Professional Education Policy.

The following categories of qualifying activities and limits have been approved by the Certification Working Groups and are acceptable for CPE:

ISACA Professional Education Activities and Meetings
These activities include ISACA conferences, seminars, workshops, chapter programs, and meetings and related activities. Certified individuals earn CPE hours according to the number of hours of active participation. (See Calculating CPE Hours section). Participation in ISACA chapter meetings will earn a minimum of one credit hour regardless of actual duration. Please note that chapter programs and meetings are not all currently reported to the ISACA database. Please retain proof of attendance.
No limit

Non-ISACA Professional Education Activities and Meetings
These activities include in-house corporate training, university courses, conferences, seminars, workshops, and professional meetings and related activities not sponsored by ISACA. In addition, CPE hours can be earned from certification review courses if such courses advance the certification's domain knowledge or skills. Individuals earn CPE hours according to the number of hours of active participation (See Calculating CPE Hours section). However, successfully completed university courses in related fields, including university online courses, earn 15 CPE hours per semester credit hour and 10 CPE hours per quarter credit hour (semester = 15 weeks of class; quarter = 10 weeks of class).
No limit

Self-study Courses
These activities include structured courses designed for self-study that offer CPE credits. These courses will only be accepted if the course provider issues a certificate of completion and the certificate contains the number of CPE hours earned for the course. One CPE hour can also be earned when a passing score is achieved on an ISACA Journal quiz. Additional CPE can be earned by ISACA members when participating in an online eLearning presentation event sponsored by ISACA (for example: Virtual Trade Shows, Webinars, etc.). Please note that the ISACA Journal quiz and ISACA eLearning activities can be counted toward each ISACA designation that is held.
No limit

Vendor Sales/Marketing Presentations
These activities include vendor product or system specific sales presentations related to the certification’s domains.
10-hour annual limitation

Teaching / Lecturing / Presenting
These activities include the development and delivery of professional educational presentations and the development of self-study/distance education courses related to the certification’s domains. For presentations and courses (all types), CPE hours are earned at five times the presentation time or time estimated to take the course for the first delivery (e.g.: two-hour presentation earns ten CPE hours) and at the actual presentation time for the second delivery. CPE hours cannot be earned for subsequent presentations of the same material unless the content is substantially modified. For self-study/distance education courses, one CPE hour is earned for each hour spent upgrading/maintaining the course limited to twice the estimated time to take the course.
No limit

Publication of Articles, Monographs and Books
These activities include the publication and/or review of material directly related to the profession. Submissions must appear in a formal publication or website and a copy of the article or the website address must be available, if requested. For books and monographs, the table of contents and title page must be available. CPE hours are earned for the actual number of hours taken to complete or review the material.
No limit

Exam Question Development and Review
This activity pertains to the development or review of items for exam or review materials. Two CPE hours are earned for each question accepted by an ISACA item review committee. Such hours can be multi-counted for all ISACA certifications. Actual hours will be given for the formal item review process.
No limit

Passing Related Professional Examinations
This activity pertains to the pursuit of other related professional examinations. Two CPE hours are earned for each examination hour when a passing score is achieved.
No limit

Working on ISACA Boards/Committees
These activities include active participation on an ISACA Board, committee, sub-committee, task force or active participation as an officer of an ISACA chapter. One CPE hour is earned for each hour of active participation. Active participation includes, but is not limited to, the development, implementation, and/or maintenance of a chapter website. Such activities can be counted more than once toward each ISACA designation that is held.
20-hour annual limitation

Contributions to the Profession
These activities include work performed for ISACA and other bodies that contribute to the profession (i.e. research development, certification review manual development, Knowledge Center contributor, performing peer reviews).
20-hour annual limitation

This activity includes mentoring efforts directly related to coaching, reviewing or assisting with exam preparation or providing career guidance through the credentialing process either at the organizational, chapter or individual level. The mentoring activity must be an activity supporting a specific person in preparation for their ISACA exam or certification career decisions. One CPE hour is earned for each hour of assistance.
10-hour annual limitation

Calculating CPE Hours

Use calculation below in the event an activity completed does not provide the specific number of CPE hours earned.

One CPE hour is earned for each fifty (50) minutes of active participation (excluding lunches and breaks) for qualifying ISACA and non-ISACA professional educational activities and meetings. CPE hours can be earned in quarter-hour increments and can also be reported in quarter hours (rounded to the nearest quarter hour). For example, a CISA who attends an 8-hour presentation (480 minutes) with 90 minutes of breaks will earn 7.75 continuing professional education hours.

Sample Calculation

Educational Activity Schedule

Actual Hours


9:00 am - 5:00 pm



Less: Two 15-minute breaks



Less: Lunch - one hour



Total hours of professional education activity



390 minutes divided by 50 minutes = 7.8 or 7.75 CPE hours (rounded to the nearest quarter hour)


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