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Guest Editorial: ISACA—50 Years of Keeping Pace With Changing Technology

Author: Robert G. Parker, CISA, CRISC, CA, CMC, CPA, FCPA
Date Published: 1, May 2019

Anniversaries always spark the desire to revisit the events that have taken us from “then” to “now.” ISACA’s 50th anniversary is no exception. I have spent quite a bit of time recently pondering the history of our professional association, which I have been honored to serve for many years, in many capacities. Of course, auditing as a profession began well before ISACA existed. In audit’s long and rich history, perhaps two events are most relevant to ISACA’s formation. First is William Welch Deloitte’s audit of England’s Great Western Railway in the 1850s, which proved so valuable that the company’s directors recommended continued compulsory independent oversight. Second is Herman Hollerith’s 1895 invention of the punched card system, which took record keeping from a manual process to an automated one...


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