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When Victims and Defenders Behave Like Cybercriminals

Author: C. Warren Axelrod, Ph.D., CISM, CISSP
Date Published: 1, January 2020
In this Orwellian era, when opponents are enemies and enemies are co-conspirators, where news is falsified and trust is endangered, it has become well-nigh impossible to apply clear definitions to attackers, victims and defenders in the context of cyberspace. The rapid expansion of social networks without the forethought necessary to protect individuals’ privacy and to distinguish between truth and falsehoods has resulted in victims believing attackers’ false onslaughts to be real and cooperating with them either intentionally or unwittingly, thereby altering the traditional distinction between the good guys/white hats (victims, defenders) and the bad guys/black hats (cybercriminals, hackers)...


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